The dark side of transevolution

The perspectives on transhumanism are very diverse. Through Zoltan IstvanI was introduced to “TransEvolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction”. A very dystopian view of the world. Mind and crowd control, programming the masses, breaking morale, a strategy of terror, climate change, food and water shortages, tech dictatorship, etc. There is a bigger picture and the unseen reality behind the curtain.

Concentration of power

He points out how the concentration of power is corrupting the world. For example, in food. Today, food warfare is firmly under the control of just a few corporations. Ten to twelve pivotal companies, assisted by another three dozen, run the world’s food supply. Monsanto has power that supersedes the influence of most governments on the planet. The elite controls the money and finial streams in the world. He claims that the world government and the medical cartel go hand in hand. There is also a global media monopoly. They will do anything to keep control. His lens is how technology could make that happen. You should take note.


A dark version of “Technology versus humanityand “The fourth age“.

Free press

There is no such thing as a free press. Most Americans and Europeans believe there is such a thing as a free press. This is one of the key areas in brainwashing a population. Do you want to know how to make the world believe anything? Through media control. By controlling the extremes, the elite has manipulated people into believing that our choices are independent and are based on access to critical information. It has become a war of culture against culture, atheism against religion, race against race, and darkness against light. Once you read “Likewar” you understand where he is coming from.

Total surveillance network

Controlling information is the same as controlling the human mind. We are being manipulated. Nothing is removed, nothing is erased, and nothing is forgotten. It is stored, not just stored; it is indexed and linked to your name forever. From mass to individual. Neurotic mapping of each individual. Governments are setting up a “filtering” mechanism, a different form of brainwashing, to select various neurotic types and place them in their appropriate settings. An individual can be made to transfer his or her identity to the group, wherein they become subjected to the most intense forms of suggestion. Provided that the individual’s inner sense of real identity is destroyed, he can then be manipulated like a child.


Why is all of this being done: to control you, to dumb you down, to brainwash you, to influence you, to predict your future behaviour – to turn you into a touchy-feely adult with infantile tendencies. So you don’t get in the way of important people by doing too much thinking on your own. Think about it – if you still know how to. Let’s put it this way; the advent and mass dissemination of television technology has rendered the Nazi model for a fascist society obsolete; it has provided a better, more subtle, and more powerful means of social control than the organised terror of the Nazi state.


The rise of neuro-weapons is here: aimed at shifting the emotional and cognitive capacity of individuals. The goal is to produce “a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will, in fact, have their liberties taken away but will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing.

Tech Dictatorship

The concepts of democracy and freedom will disappear, to be replaced by a high-tech dictatorship based on surveillance, monitoring, mass-media indoctrination, police oppression and a radical division of social classes.


Recent advances in brain imaging, hierarchical recurrent temporal memory, and complex brain network theory, as well as neuro-robotics, are making hacking the human brain a distinct probability. In the next 50 years, we will be able to create cybernetic individuals who will be completely indistinguishable from us. The plan is to incrementally move the human mind into more disembodied and futuristic vehicles:

  1. A humanoid robot controlled entirely by a human brain via a brain-machine interface.
  2. A conscious human brain transplanted into a humanoid robot.
  3. Consciousness uploaded to a computer.
  4.  And finally, a hologram that contains a fully conscious human mind.

The epoch of cybernetic immortality begins. Imagine bodies made of nanorobots that can take any shape or rise alongside hologram bodies.

He has an interesting take on technology

  • In a span of a generation, we have gone from genetically modified plants to genetically modified animals. Is the next step genetically modified humans?
  • By 2035, an implantable information chip could be developed and wired directly to the user’s brain synthetic sensory perception beamed directly to the user’s senses.
  • The army is working hard to establish an array of cybernetic insects. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is implanting computer chips in moths while still in the pupa stage for use in surveillance. The moth grows around the chip, and then its nervous system may be controlled by remote control. It also includes outfitting other insects with minuscule sensors, cameras and a wireless transmitter attached to their nervous system that can be controlled remotely like RC aeroplanes and send data from places inaccessible to humans.
  • Nanobots were created to be like life. These nanobots are small enough to inhale, small enough to enter your body through your skin, small enough to circulate in the body, cross the blood-brain barrier. In stealth operations, the nanobot could induce strokes or any other body failures. A nanobot that destroys an artery in the brain can be confused as a brain aneurysm. Don’t forget the possibilities of nano bombs. Those won’t go very well with your brain or lungs. 
  • The intelligence of nanotech will not be in one nanobot. It will be a collective intelligence of trillions.
  • The dangers of virtual reality. The world of virtual reality is a totally controlled environment. Jaron Lanier would agree
  • You will have to take the drugs for the rest of your lives to make sure augmentation works. These drugs are both dangerous and addictive, and expensive. If you don’t, your body will reject your augmentation. 

Here is the rub

The elite will have their technology in you. They have the power to turn off your limbs, the potential to turn off your eyes, send messages to your brain and control your thoughts as if they have the power of God. You will be owned by the big nine

Think about it

What makes man human is our power of reason. The only thing greater than life: the power of the human mind. You should use it more. Read “The power of the mind”.

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