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Business book discussion sessions


A Bookbuzz session combines the collective wisdom of the best business thinkers with the internal expertise of the organisation using books as the platform for discussion and learning.

  • Rapid problem solving
  • Always the latest business thinking
  • Enhances team dynamics
  • Highly engaging

How it works

  • 1. Problem statement

  • 2. Briefing

    Ron will develop a full verbal briefing to put the problem into context of the current business thinking. The briefing is the opening of the session and takes one hour.

  • 3. Book reading

    One specific book is picked as the platform book. Every participant will receive a copy of the book and will be asked to read a number of specific pages. Ron will also provide a full summary of the book (verbal and written).

  • 4. Facilitated discussion about the topic and the chosen book

  • 5. Question storming

  • 6. Action plan and next steps

kevin fleming

"The Bookbuzz secret sauce is that they are changing the implicit environment behind the learning itself. As a specialist in executive behaviour change, I can attest that in terms of promoting true change within an organization, BookBuzz session are the real deal."

Dr. Kevin J. Fleming

CEO Grey Matters International
Mark o'donnell

"Amrop Strategis is the leading expert in talent development and retention. . In our opinion fits naturally in that space. We use ourselves and where we can, we have made it part of the solutions we recommend to our clients."

Mark O'donnell

Partner, AMRAP Strategies
Michael Cox

"This extremely innovative corporate learning experience is the way forward for hard-pressed, time-poor executives who seek fresh business perspectives. Your facilitation was enthusiastically praised by both the management and participants."

Michael Cox

Chamber, Ireland

Bookbuzz briefing

Please leave your contact details and I will be in touch. No string attached. You will also receive a case study (PDF), so you can read through a couple of examples. 

Bookbuzz session
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