Transhumanism as a lens to the future

I am a big fan of Zoltan Istvan. I have read all of his novels. Particualrly loved the “The Transhumanist Wager”. Highly recommended. He also wrote “The futureresist cure“. It will open your eyes to transhumanismIt will force you to think about where technology might be going. And take a position as a business and as a person. Engineering your own future.

The remnants

Hence “The Remnants”. Once you follow transhumanism, you get into the world of exponential innovation, technology, longevity, cyborgs and augmentation. Science fiction becoming science fact, predicting things such as neural implants, brain wave technology, brain wave headsets, telepathy, AI, quantum networks, consciousness upload, neural prosthetics, quantum archaeology, emotional robots, intelligent drones, the combination of (nano/bio/informative/cognitive (NBIC) technologies, digital tattoos, thin electronics, etc.


The increasing application of biomimicry. It turns out that in many cases, biology offers a lot of advantages over mechanical or electrical options. The use of biology. Mycologists already use fungus to create large lightweight bricks in a matter of days. One day you might find yourself replicating proteins, using algae to produce your own biofuel at home, identifying the fungus that is ruining your garden, or learning how easy it is to hack common yoghurt to produce a lifetime supply of some prescription drugs like Prozac. 

Sensory expansion

If we model the entire spectrum as a road stretching from LA to New York, the amount of visible light that humans can see would equal a few nanometers. Scientists have discovered if they could biologically push the human perception of visible light into the near-infrared spectrum. This is a small increase, around 6% above our current abilities. The impact is dramatic. The new light allows you to see through fog and haze, tinted windows, and some clothing. Stars can be seen during day hours. Subtle changes in blood flow can be seen under the skin, allowing anyone to detect circulation problems and find clots. Seeing blood flow takes some of the guesswork out of determining what mood your date is in, and lying becomes nearly impossible.


Virtually human. Such cyber minds would be algorithms having the same set of skills, thoughts and emotions we have. So you can test your augmentation with your cuber twin first. A bit like the digital twins in business. Being able to test, experiment and innovate in a digital world before deciding the pull the trigger.

Control matter, energy, and life

We have the means through genetics, robotics, information technology, and nanotechnology to control matter, energy, and life itself. It is going faster than you think. There are already biohackers who are trying to splice plant DNA in their skin to be able to photosynthesise energy into their bodies. We can use bio-hacking and brain-computer interface devices to allow people to walk, see, or communicate again.

Extinction timeline

That could mean the end of languages, the end of death, the end of driving, the end of capitalism, and an end to climate change. For example, the genetic editing to regrow rainforests at 5-10 times their normal speed of growth through green nanotech or fungi eating plastic.

The end of death

Death is the obliteration of one’s very being – an entire universe snuffed out forever. A waste. Death is a technical problem—a hardware malfunction. The need to create the ethical momentum and moral framework which will provide the impetus for an explicit, vocal, global, coordinated, and focused scientific quest against death. We, humans, are material beings made of atoms. We are sophisticated biological machines made of many complex parts. But in time, and with the help of science, we are learning more and more about how those machines work and how we can fix them.


The reform of the education system, the need for new laws and a new type of government (laws and government are too slow for exponential). Technology is expanding very quickly, but human culture and psychology are not keeping up with it.


The introduction of basic income. The introduction of new materials. 3D printers printing millions of homes within the next ten years. The revolutionisation of the current medical system. Abundance


The beginning of transevolution – the coming age of human deconstruction. First, a humanoid robot controlled entirely by a human brain via a brain-machine interface, then a conscious human brain transplanted into a humanoid robot, then consciousness uploaded to a computer, and finally a hologram that contains a fully conscious human mind.


He predicts a transhumanist war between those with and without augmentation. Those that side with technology and AI will win. Revolution between those that have a job and those that do not. I would start with a cyber twin (or a book).

sensemaking cover


Sense making; morality, humanity, leadership and slow flow. A book about the 14 books about the impact and implications of technology on business and humanity.

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