Building the In-Company Change Muscle: Intrapreneurship, Innovation, Transformation & Strategy


24 books, 255 questions, tips, tools and lessons and one test. Mind candy for entrepreneurs, innovation managers, CEOs to read up quickly on the latest thinking around innovation, transformation and entrepreneurship. Guaranteed to make you think.

Our problems are too big; start-ups, R&D, and innovation are too slow. Hence intrapreneurship. More output-focussed, quicker and clearer (try defining innovation). With a long-term cultural impact. Using all the existing resources that companies have at their disposal.

When you start to talk about intrapreneurship, you immediately get sucked into a question of definition. Is it entrepreneurship, innovation, strategy or transformation? The answer is that it is all the above. Because intrapreneurship is a collective mindset. Intrapreneurship, innovation, strategy and transformation are interlinked holistic concepts and should be part of the change muscles of your company.

Intrapreneurship is the quickest way to reinvention and innovation. Applying intrapreneurship to your organisation should be transformational. And intrapreneurship needs to be part of strategy. Strategic design is about setting the organisation’s future direction and goals. It involves two significant creative steps: re-perceiving the future business environment and re-conceiving the organisation’s role within these different futures. Scenario planning at its core. It is the foundation of corporate entrepreneurship and innovation. And it is a business muscle that needs flexing constantly. 

What matters is that you make innovation, intrapreneurship, transformation and scenario planning a fundamental part of your business muscle. 

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