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Meet Ron Immink

A world class author who can help you write your own book. Easier than you can imagine.

What if..
You could go to an inspiring place. Get comfortable and be able to think freely. Just speak about the ideas you want to share with the world.

The service works on 4 times 2-day basis, 4 mini-retreats for 2 days, somewhere in a nice location, preferably in the sun. We combine good food, some wine (or water), culture, nature, light walks, good conversation with working on your book and your business (they go hand in hand). That is combined with short weekly coaching sessions in between our mini-retreats to ensure progression.

We will put your ideas on paper, and you will get feedback and coaching on the go:
-What is the business plan behind the book?
- Which of your ideas are truly unique?
- How can you structure your ideas, so it becomes a compelling story?
- How do we develop the profile and reputation you want?

You are in a great place. You are speaking and writing about what you love. And in 8 days (and three 100-day plans), you have your book.



With all my experience in writing books, I have learned that writing is not the issue. It is about the why, the who, the business model, the distribution and the (pre-) sales plan. The answers to the questions on this checklist will help you set the right framework for the book.

Your writing coach

Ron will be your personal writing coach. But not just your coach. He will do some of the writing with you and set you up for success.

Ron is a Dutch/Irish author of 15 books sold over 250,000 copies. He is probably one of the best-read entrepreneurs in Europe. Ron has read over 10,000 books.

He writes about topics such as climate change as a business opportunity, innovation, leadership, strategy, future trends and intrapreneurship. 

Besides being an author he is also a public speaker and successful entrepreneur. He helps companies to create better business models and is not ashamed for his deep love for business books. 

A self-proclaimed entreprenerd or business book geek 🙂

Ron Immink
dirk van uffelen

Dirk van Uffelen

Practice Leader Learning & Development | Keynote Speaker | Senior Trainer | Emotional Intelligence (Team) Coach

"I would like to highly recommend Ron Immink and his unique service: book in 8 days.

- Do you dream of writing your own book?
- If so, do you find it hard to free up the time needed to do research and figure out how to get all your ideas on paper?
- Are you tired of hearing yourself talking about writing a book in the near future?
- Are you a little bit jealous of other people already owning their own book?

Well in my case I answered all of the above questions with a ‘yes’.

When I first learned about ‘Your book in just 8 days’ I could not believe it but was curious and motivated to discover if this could really be true. I decided to give it a go and contacted Ron.

I have to highly recommend him. Not only did he show me exactly what to do to finish my book.He listened with so much empathy to my life story, ambitions and goals and provided me with valuable feedback, business and life coaching."

edith van anker

"I know nobody as well read as Ron, and also has the ability to pick out the highlights and share them with the people in his network. All at blinding speed. An innovator and a genius, who is so innovative that a conversation about the possibilities makes your head spin. His book in 8 days service is excellent. Ron uses his fast mind to stimulate, confront and bring out what is unique about your story and stimulates more action. He is deeply involved, emphatic and thinks with you. The days of writing are, apart from hard work, a joy. Always at a great location, with great food and drink, to ensure optimal results. Nature and humour are inseparable characteristics in his work. I hope to be able to write many books with him"

Edith van den Anker

Founder High Vibrational People

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