Ayurveda for your house

I am working with a client on a book about feng shui. The working title is ”The mind of a house, how to take an honest look at yourself through the feng shui pyramid”. So decided to pick up “Feng Shui for Healing: A Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Wellness in Your Home Sanctuary”.

Your home is very powerful

There are two other worlds that we can control—our inner world and our home. Creating a powerful and supportive home sanctuary is the essence of feng shui. There are few words in any language that are more powerful and more widely used than the word home. A happy and healthy home is a home where love is present because love brings the energy of healing, connection, and joy that is crucial for one’s health. Did you know that in ancient times, Chinese doctors always asked their patients about their homes?

You are your home

Your home can tell an awful lot about you. It is a direct reflection of your inner world. Our home environment reflects the state of our energy. And your home is a hack to a better life. It is all to do with energy or Qi. Qi, also known as universal energy, is one of the most fundamental concepts in traditional Chinese healing practices. A well-balanced flow of Qi nourishes each organ and system in your body, promoting health and vitality, whereas a blocked or stagnant Qi promotes illness.

Check your home energy

Everything around us is made of Qi, including our bodies, so it is a good idea to regularly check how the energies around you influence your energy.

  • A cold and uninviting bedroom 
  • A metal bed
  • A home office in the bedroom
  • An unkempt kitchen
  • A bathroom with stuck energy and no beauty 
  • Unfinished projects everywhere 
  • Poor lighting 
  • Too many dark colours
  • A TV in your bedroom

Acupuncture for your home

Feng shui is acupuncture for your home. It is considered a healing art, along with traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, medical Qigong, Tai Chi, Gua Sha, and many other modalities. Since feng shui is part of the same body of knowledge as Chinese medicine, its approach to health and healing is similar: Energy flows via specific pathways, and when those pathways are blocked, illness can occur. Knowing how to create a good Qi flow and how to nourish and strengthen it is what good feng shui is all about.

Three practical tests

A simple test to see if your home Qi is good for you or not is to sense how you feel right upon entering your home. The happy plants around the house, the healing crystals, the art that evokes joy and happiness, and the little touches here and there that express a sense of love and nourishment are all good testimony to the powerful energy work that you achieve with feng shui. Simply notice everything around you and what kind of mood it creates. Ask yourself if you are happy with the specific colours, images, and decor in your space. The second step is to see what feelings or desires they evoke in you. The third one is clutter. In the world of energy, clutter is an expression of old, stuck, and discordant energy that can perpetuate itself in your home and in your life. Clutter is an expression of old, stuck, and discordant energy. This low vibration can perpetuate itself in your home and your life. You are energetically connected to every object, seen or unseen, in your living space.

The map

The feng shui bagua, or the energy map of the space, is the main tool. It has eight areas

  1. Wealth & Prosperity:
  2. Fame & Reputation:
  3. Love & Marriage
  4. Children & Creativity
  5. Ancestors & Health
  6. Knowledge & Self-Cultivation
  7. Career & Life Path
  8. Helpful People & Travels

Each areahas its own location and element (earth, water, fire, wood, metal) associated with it. In that way, it is very similar to Ayurveda. Not acupuncture but Ayurveda for the house. Do yourself a favour. Check out the map and look for the signs. It is the easiest hack to better energy you will ever find.

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