Ayurveda as your operating system

Living in balance with nature. Who does not want that? That is why India invented Ayurveda 5000 years ago. They also invented Prajna, Maya and Ananda. Wisdom, magic and bliss. Five thousand years later, those are in short supply. We all need more of that. More wisdom, more magic and more bliss.


Balance and harmony. Matching your body type and energy (wind, fire, water) with your food and routine. Making sure your chakras are in tune and that your chi is flowing. Making sure you breathe properly (through your nose). Read “Breath“. Breathing is the easiest health hack ever. 


The problem sometimes is the terminology. A lot of Sanskrit. But its basis is very simple. It starts with routine. Beginning with the morning. Just start doing a few things, and the impact is disproportionate (in a good way). Read “Atomic Habits“. Ayurveda is easier.

The morning

Wake up and smile (1 second). Force a smile if needs be. It will immediately change your mood. Scrape your tongue (30 seconds). Swish your mouth with oil. It takes time to get used to but then becomes strangely addictive. I think because the body knows it is good for you and Ayurveda definitely awakens your body intelligence. Your body knows what is good for you. Drink a cup of warm water with lemon juice (30 seconds, most spend on squeezing the lemon). Do some movement. I do the five Tibetan rites. That takes about five minutes. If you have time (you should make time), meditate for 20 minutes. With a routine of 30 minutes, you have created an excellent grounding for your physical and mental health. Then you have breakfast, and the book is full of fantastic recipes based on a basic staple of spices (cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, ginger, honey, fenugreek, chill, gram masala, coriander, coconut, ghee, etc.). Obviously, it is all fresh and seasonal. The food you eat depends on your body type (vata, pitta, or kapha)

The afternoon

The afternoon coincides with lunch, and Ayurveda suggests it should be the main meal of the day. I think that is difficult for most people. What you should remember that you should only eat when your last meal is digested (it takes about 3 hours), you only eat when you are hungry, and you should avoid snacking. If you can, you should eat with your hands (I love that). And when you eat, you should switch off all other distractions. Eat with full attention, be thankful that you have food to eat and enjoy the taste. Again, fresh, in season and in line with your body type.

The evening

The evening is for relaxing and the final meal before your go to bed. So make sure your house is relaxed and sets the scene for a peaceful ending of the day. Cook a final meal. How can you not love using cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, ginger, honey, fenugreek, chill, gram masala, coriander, coconut, ghee, etc.? Works with everything. Prepare for sleep. Switch off your phone. Relax. Go for an evening walk. Be still. Have a nice hot bath, brush your body, put some oil on your skin and appreciate your body. It is amazing.

More tips

The book is full of other tips (and recipes). Here are a few

  • For immunity and digestion drink a mug of hot water with turmeric, cinnamon, apple vinegar cider, lemon juice and honey (I do it every day).
  • Drink from a copper flask (copper makes water ionic and helps your body PH values).
  • Go out in nature.
  • Hug a tree.
  • Do yoga. 
  • Drink water (but not too much during eating).
  • Drink warm water (not cold).
  • Use scents.
  • Use tapping.
  • Use music to enhance your mood (everything is vibration).
  • Cook with love (everything is energy).
  • Use mantras when you meditate (I use “Ohm mani padme um” and I am considering getting it tattooed).


Liana (a certified Chopra Ayurveda coach) and I have been living this way for a while now. It is incredible how easy and straightforward it is. How the routines become automatic very quickly, and how powerful it is. There is no doubt by even reading about it; your body intelligence immediately wakes up and recognises the truth. You are what you eat. Food is medicine. Everything else follows. You will automatically eat better and less, exercise more and take up meditation. I even started taking yoga lessons. 

Stoics and Ayurveda

I wrote a long time ago that stoicism is the operating system of entrepreneurs. Ayurveda is better. I think Ayurveda will make a better entrepreneur. Combine that with stoicism and you have all the ingredients for success.

Rituals Marbella

You can get in touch with Liana via her website https://ritualsmarbella.com. 

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