Why I Am Doing This

Long time ago

In my first day as a junior advisor (May 1986), I was told to interview a CEO whose business had just failed and gone bankrupt. He lost everything. He lost his wife, his money, his business and his house. All he was left with was a chair and a mattress (Dutch law).

The impact of catastrophic failure

It made a huge impression. Since then I have failed myself a few times, and I know the pain involved. I have worked with hundreds of companies. I have seen many management teams struggle with keeping their companies alive. And I have seen a lot of business failures that could have been prevented.


I am also a serious book nerd. Always have been since I learned how to read. I love books. I got a lot out of them. Books like “Lord of the rings”, “Thriving on chaos”, “Funky Business”, “33 strategies of war” or “Code of the Extraordinary Mind” changed me forever. Books made me better CEO.

Why not learn from the best?

Learn from the thinkers, the futurists, the experts, the innovators, the specialists, the CEOs who have been there and bought the T-shirt. Why reinventing the wheel? Everything an organisation is facing has been faced before. Why not learn from others?


As things go faster, you have two options. Slow down or look further ahead. Bookbuzz does both. Using the best business thinkers to look ahead.  That is combined with the slow flow of the two oldest media in the world. The spoken word and the book.

Facilitated reflection

Merging the learning from business books with the collective wisdom of the organisation. Helping to avoid failure, make CEOs and managers better at what they do and help create better businesses.

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