Three magic words to wake up your spiritual intelligence

Three Magic Words was recommended to me by Aidan McCullen, the author of “Undisruptable“. What can I say about the book? I loved it. But then I would. One of my old-time favourite books of all time is “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East” by Spalding, and “Three magic words” comes close.

We are all god

We are not body alone. You need to discover your soul. Finding the god within. We are all god. God ad a manifestation of the infinite. We are collectively part of a universal (subconscious) mind. The subconscious mind is the most powerful creative instrument in the universe; it spans space and time, manifests form from substance, and reaches out to all knowledge. It exists in everyone, with access to the (subconscious) universal mind.

The techniques to use

The subconscious mind is an unlimited resource that you can avail of. Use positive thinking, mental diet, thought control, hypnosis, meditation, managing intuition, breathing, yoga, NLP, suggestion, thought habits and programming. Install a prompter that says that it is natural to be well, that health and vigour are birthrights of humankind, that you exist in a spiritual medium that is perfect, and that your body, as a manifestation of this perfect medium, is perfect also.

Free your mind

Construe this mind, if you will, as a great plastic medium containing all energy, all knowledge, and substance. Conceive it as a medium responsive only to thought and responsive in degree and time according to how much thought is spent with conviction. Your mind is a perfect instrument for the expression of your spirit, and only the misuse of spiritual law can cast from it its perfection. In other words, your thoughts are getting in your way. You are what you think. No man is responsible for anything in this life except his thought and his belief. You are what you are only because of what you have thought. You need to free your mind.

You are what you think

Whatever the mind conceives, the mind does. You are what you think; you attract what you think; your life is a product of your thoughts and beliefs, and nothing in the world can change this. To alter your life change the way you think. Every thought you entertain and accept becomes a part of you and inevitably will bring you the physical reality of your image. Here is the basis of the law of attraction. Whatever type of thought you choose is automatically attracted to you. Attraction is a mental choice.

Some lessons from the book:

  • Prayer is but the transmission of desire into the creative mind of the universe. Faith is the mover of mountains, the worker of miracles, is the Conscious Mind acting on the Subconscious Mind. Similar to “The God Formula”; Visualisation + Emotion + Release = Materialisation
  • You are pure spirit, cast into a human mould as a manifestation of divine intelligence, existing this little while on earth to help carry on the divine.
  • Intuition is a characteristic of the Subconscious Mind, a phenomenon attributable to a contact made by the Conscious Mind with the Subconscious Mind. Read “Frequency“.
  • There can be no space or time in anything that is infinite. Since there are no units within infinity, nothing can be moved from one point to another, and since time is a measure of the movement of a unit through space, there is no time in infinity. Everything is basically one thing, has no beginning and no end, has no past and no future, but only one eternal now. Infinity is the word that science has substituted for god.
  • The destiny of humankind is that man’s consciousness will expand to the point where he is one with all creation.
  • Form is but the result of consciousness, and consciousness is but the result of thought, and thought is simply a contact and a borrowing from the Universal Intelligence that pervades all things.
  • Millions of parts are the lot of each person, and every part represents another “I” on an expanding scale of consciousness. You are not the same “I” as you were ten years ago, nor are you the same “I” as you were one week ago. You will not even be the same “I” when you have
  • For thirty days, one month, you are not to accept a single negative thought nor dwell on a single negative premise.
  • Each of our lives is a story unfolded by the silent contemplative author who dwells within us, does nothing more than accept and reject, and is involved only in making choices. Today, we are testimonies of the choices we have made from the thoughts that have streamed through our minds. So the mental diet upon which we are about to embark is so important.
  • Daily, just before your meditation period, you must practice the process of slowing your thought stream. Seek a place of quiet and solitude. Find a comfortable, restful seat- Relax every muscle. Start at the top of your head and move downward over your whole body.
  • WHO IS “I?” Ask yourself who this observer is that you refer to as “I.” It is not thought. It is not the body. It simply is, has being, observes.
  • Faith is trust. Don’t fall into the trap of hoping for things; it will avail you little.
  • When you truly have come to understand that there is only one mind which is every place at the same time and is in all things, you will know that the differences between you and any person on earth are purely illusory.
  • Let go and let god. “Let go and let God” means to trust god, to trust in the perfect knowledge of the Subconscious Mind,
  • Trust the all-knowing mind.
  • Do not keep examining your goal to see if you have attained it. “A watched pot never boils” for the simple reason that you are watching it when it isn’t boiling, and this is the thought that you project into the Subconscious Mind.
  • The Kingdom of Heaven is the centre of consciousness.
  • Love governs all. Love is all. God is love. It is the nature of our basic unity, the underlying dim remembrance of complete spiritual oneness, that keeps us forever seeking union with others. Beauty, courage, loyalty, perseverance, and creation are all born of love successfully given and received.
  • We are evolved from pure and eternal spirit, from a place where space and time and number do not exist. From infinity, we are thrust into finiteness, perceive space and time and number and separateness and other things and beings. True love is simply the recognition of the spiritual unity of all life.
  • Love is the recognition of our true being and the dim remembrance of the complete unity from which we all have sprung.
  • There is only one way the path of evolution leads—upwards! Slowly the world is awakening to the truth. Gradually the light of man’s spiritual splendour and destiny is penetrating into our schools and social institutions, into our business houses, into our governments.
  • Success is not the result of making money; making money is a result of success; To be successful, we must think of success. To be surrounded by prosperity, we must think of prosperity.
  • Nothing is done by man alone; all things are done by the Universal Subconscious Mind in answer to thought and conception.
  • The body is rooted in spirit. The functions of a body represent the movement and concept of intelligence, and when we get our fears and negative desires out of the way, our bodies function. The first step to health is always the creation of interest and enthusiasm on the plane of mind. Aspiring and dynamic thoughts make vigorous bodies, and we must think health in order to be healthy.
  • Let go of ego. The death of the ego, which we fear so much, is the very thing we must achieve before we take unto ourselves the consciousness of immortal self. The ego is mortal. It has its beginning, and it has its end. When death overtakes the body, it overtakes the ego also. The death of the ego is not a thing to be avoided, but a thing to be welcomed, a spiritual awakening that illumines all things, a transfiguration wherein the soul becomes fused with the immortal self.
  • Birth and death are the great transformations.

Everything is spiritual

There is only one consciousness in all things, one consciousness which assumes countless forms in search of ever-greater knowledge about itself. The infinite self becomes the finite self, and the day when the finite self recognises itself as the infinite self is the day that exposes eternity. The lock that bars us from recognising that we are god is the creation of the ego in the first memories and inhibitions of the Conscious Mind. Mind is consciousness, is intelligence, and there is only one mind, which is the mind of god. The physical world is but a tiny extension of a vast spiritual realm. All physical law is subordinate to spiritual law, for the physical world is a secondary chain of effects, while the spiritual world is the first cause.

Wake up your spiritual intelligence

I realise that for many people, this is too much. That is OK. If you have read this blog, I am sure something sparked somewhere. Cherish it. In the same way, Ayurveda wakes up the body intelligence, “Three magic words” (and many other books) wake up the spiritual intelligence. If you want an overview of what the mind can do, have a look at “The power of the mind“. You can buy the book about books here. Use “#3magicwords” as a code to get a 50% discount.

Part of my library

Again, I loved it (thank you, Aidan). The bit I loved most were the meditations at the end of each chapter. For that reason alone, it is now a permanent part of my library.

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