You are supposed to thrive. 3 steps. 20 techniques

You are supposed to thrive. You are supposed to feel good. You are good. You are loved, and well-being is constantly flowing to you. If you allow it, it will manifest in all manner of ways in your experience.

Ask the universe

I am a firm believer in asking the universe. Have done some for a long time. The universe gave me the idea of the book in 8 days as a service and gave me a client who is writing a very cool book about high-frequency leadership, or leadership with light in your eyes.

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires

The book she recommended was “Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires”. Everything is vibration. You are also vibration. The universe is vibration. The way you vibrate determines how you live. You create your own life. If you tune in with the universe, the universe responds. It sounds too simple, but increasingly science (quantum physics, neuroscience, biology) are proving these principles.

V + E + R = M

This book is close to “The God Formula: A simple scientifically proven blueprint that has transformed millions of lives” by Jeffery A. Martin:

Visualisation + Emotion + Release = Materialisation

When constructing your visualisations, you should only use positive thoughts and intent. You should see what you desire as already being yours, you should feel it come to fruition, and you should release, i.e. ask your subconscious. It will materialise.

You are the creator of your own reality

You are the creator of your own reality. No one else does. And, you create your own reality even if you do not understand that you do so. For that reason, you often create by default. When you are consciously aware of your thoughts, and you are deliberately offering them, then you are the deliberate creator of your own reality, and that is what you intended when you made the decision to come forth into this body. 

You are wat you think

Whatever you are thinking about is like planning a future event. When you are appreciating, you are planning. When you are worrying, you are planning. The more you think about it, the more you vibrate like it; the more you vibrate like it, the more of that which is like it is attracted to you. When you understand the Law of Attraction, you are never surprised by what occurs in your experience, for you understand that you have invited every bit of it in—through your own thought process. Nothing can occur in your life experience without your invitation of it through your thought. 

You are a vibrational being

Even though it may seem odd to you at first, it will be helpful for you to begin to accept yourself as a vibrational being, for this is a vibrational universe in which you are living, and the laws that govern this universe are vibrationally based. You are a vibrational transmitter, and you are broadcasting your signal in every moment of your existence. 

Focussed attention

Once your focused attention has sufficiently activated a dominant vibration within you, things—wanted or unwanted—will begin to make their way into your personal experience. It is law. It is not about controlling thoughts. It is about guiding thoughts with practice. When you do, you will become a joyous, deliberate creator.


You are eternal consciousness, currently in this wonderful physical body for the thrill and exhilaration of specific focus and creation. The physical being that you define as “you” stands on the leading edge of thought, while consciousness, which is really your source, pours through you. Sometimes you are fully allowing the true nature of your being to flow through you, and sometimes you do not allow it to flow. 

Let life flow

And the easiest way for you to achieve vibrational harmony with it is to imagine having it, pretend that it is already in your experience, flow your thoughts toward the enjoyment of the experience. As you practice those thoughts and begin to consistently offer that vibration, you will then be in the place of allowing that into your experience. 

Emotions as the indicator

And so, as you become consciously aware of your emotions, you will always know how you are doing with the allowing part of your creative Process, Your emotions provide a wonderful guidance system for you. If you pay attention to them, you will be able to guide yourself to anything that you desire. Once you understand your emotions and the important messages they are giving you, you will not have to wait until something has manifested. In your experience to understand what your vibrational offering has been—you can tell, by the way you feel, exactly where you are headed. Your attention must be on it, Not on the lack of it.

Pay attention to how you feel

You were born with sensitive, evolved, sophisticated translators of vibrations that help you understand and define your experience. And so, when you become aware of the feeling of your emotions, you can also be aware of your vibrational offering. By paying attention to the way you feel, and by directing your thoughts to better-feeling thoughts, you can again achieve vibrational harmony with the Well-Being that is natural to you. It is not important what you call that Source of Energy or Life Force. But it is important that you are consciously aware of when you are allowing a full connection to it and when you are restricting it in some way—and your emotions are a constant indicators of your degree of allowing or resisting that connection. 

3 simple steps

The creative process is conceptually a simple one. It consists of just three steps

  • Step 1 (your work): You ask. 
  • Step 2 (not your work): The answer is given.
  • Step 3 (your work): The answer, which has been given, must be received or allowed (you have to let it in). 

20 techniques

The book gives you 20 techniques to help:

  1. Rampage of appreciation. Choose to be positive. Express it. Ask and be appreciative.
  2. Magical creation box. Put ideas and pictures of what you want in a physical box.
  3. Do a creative workshop with yourself. Write down what you want and why.
  4. Visualise
  5. Imagine every day you have an increasing amount of money and what you will do with it.
  6. Meditate
  7. Dream
  8. Have a book where you write down all the positive aspects of your life. Do it daily.
  9. Write your live script.
  10. Write a to-do list for the universe (and one for yourself)
  11. Live in the moment.
  12. Start writing down sentences starting with “Would it not be nice if……..”
  13. Write down how you feel about a subject. If the feelings are negative, improve the thought process by looking for positive aspects (there always are). Use technique 12.
  14. Declutter
  15. Put € 100 in your wallet permanently and be thankful that you can always spend it.
  16. Know what you don’t want, so you can ask for what you do want.
  17. Turn your perspective when you feel resistance.
  18. Radiate what serves you (positive mental attitude)
  19. Release your resistance to make money. It is your birthright.
  20. Treat the universe as your manager. Expect it to be done.

Do you yourself a favour. Just pick a few, don’t question it and apply it. You will be amazed. 

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Sense making; morality, humanity, leadership and slow flow. A book about the 14 books about the impact and implications of technology on business and humanity.

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