Four simple phrases that will improve your life

“Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More” is a challenging book to explain. Keep saying “I love you.” “I’m sorry.” “Please forgive me.” “Thank you.” It will change your life.

The entire world is your creation

Everything in your life, simply because it is in your life is your responsibility. You are the creator of your own reality. The entire world is your creation. Four phrases that will change your life for the better Everything you seek and everything you experience, everything is inside you. But you don’t have a clue what is going on. You have two ways to live your life. From memory or from inspiration. Memories are old programs replaying. Inspiration is the divine giving you direction.

Zero state

At heart, we are all pure, with no programs or memories or even inspirations. That’s the zero state. There are zero limits there. We don’t have a chance of understanding all the elements at play in our lives. We must let go. We must trust. We can appeal to Divinity who knows our personal blueprint, for the healing of all thoughts and memories that are holding us back at this time. 

Your subconscious drives your behaviour

There are 15 bits available to the conscious mind but 15 million bits happening in any one moment. That means that our subconscious drives most of our behaviour. That subconscious is filled with all your past experiences, biases, memories, programming, etc. That also filters the way you perceive reality. Divinity doesn’t get a word in. You’re too busy with the noise going on in your head to hear it.

Free will

We think we are conscious actors. We are wrong. That is our egos talking. In some respect, we are puppets with the divine as the energy in us pulling our strings. Your 15 bits have no chance against the power of the subconscious. Your conscious mind doesn’t have a clue what’s really happening. Our brains tell us what to do before we consciously decide to do. The unconscious appearance of an intention to act could not be controlled consciously. Only its final consummation in a motor act could be consciously controlled. That is free will, or, “free won’t.” 

Can you tell me what your next thought will be?

No one can predict their next thought. You can verbalise it once it occurs to you, but the thought itself arises from your unconscious. You have no control over it. The only choice you have is once the thought appears, to act on it or not.

Our inner life

Our subjective inner life is what matters to us as human beings. Yet we know and understand relatively little of how it arises and how it functions in our conscious will to act. But as we live, we catch programs and memories, much like some people catch a cold. Your memories are like that. They are still in you, just out of sight. That we individually hold, memories or inspirations, have an immediate and absolute impact on everything. You can do any number of things once the thought arises, but it’s being generated in your unconscious. In order to clean the unconscious, so you get better thoughts and create a better reality, you have to do something else.

Remove the filters

If you accept that you create your own reality, then the only way to allow the universe, the divine or meta-reality to help you is to remove those filters. To erase them completely and permanently. By constantly repeating the phrases: “I love you.” “I’m sorry.” “Please forgive me.” “Thank you.” All our thoughts are imbued with painful memories of persons, places, or things. Once you notice, your responsibility is to immediately begin to clean, to say, “I love you.” “I’m sorry.” “Please forgive me.” “Thank you.”  That will clean the memory and change your perception. Three elements can transform anything. They are gratitude, reverence, and transmutation.


And that is how simple it is. Your sole job in life is to say “I love you” to anything that comes your way, good or bad. The more you can dissolve the limiting programs you see or feel, the more you can achieve the state of zero limits and bring peace to the planet. When you are clear, then when inspiration comes, you just act. You don’t think about it. If you think about it, then you are comparing the inspiration to something, and what you are comparing it to is a memory. Clean the memory, and you don’t have a choice. You just have inspiration, and you act on it without thinking. It just is. You let the divine operate through you. 

Let go

You will begin to see that with all your newfound power, you’re still not able to control everything. You start to realise that when you surrender to a higher power, miracles tend to happen. You begin to let go and trust. You begin to practice, moment by moment, awareness of your connection with the divine. You learn to recognise inspiration when it comes to you, and you act on it. You realise you have a choice but not control of your life. You understand that the greatest thing you can do is agree to each moment. In this stage, miracles happen, and they constantly astonish you as they do. You live, in general, in a constant state of amazement, wonder, and gratitude. 

Try it, Say “I love you.” “I’m sorry.” “Please forgive me.” “Thank you.” 

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