We are seamlessly woven into the universe at quantum level

I am a huge fan of Deepak. His 21-day mediation courses are superb. Decided to pick up “Metahuman: Unleashing your infinite potential”. A version of “Inner engineering, a yogi’s guide to joy“. There is a quote in the book “Do you know why all electrons have the same charge and the same mass.” “Why?” “Because they are all the same electron”. That is the book in a nutshell. We are seamlessly woven into the universe at a quantum level and we should actively participate at that level by creating a higher level of self-awareness.

Wake up

A book about how to stop being the prisoner of your own mind. How to awaken to who you really are. The user of the brain but not the brain. The traveller in a body but not the body. The thinker of thoughts who is far, far more than any thought. Your world in mind made. Your mind. My reality is most definitely not your reality. We all live in different worlds. Which means you are the master of your creation. You can create your own reality. What you see, you believe in and the other way around.

Your body is your story in physical form

That goes very far. It means you can DNA isn’t fixed; it is fluid and dynamic, constantly interacting with the outside world and with your inner thoughts and feelings. Your body is your story in physical form. Your brain has been shaped every minute since you were born, and it has communicated everything you experience to the body’s fifty trillion cells, which in turn pass the message on to your DNA. Read “The biology of belief. The body conforms to mind-made reality. 


Our view is blocked by the mistake of equating mind and brain. Even the fact that the brain contains a quadrillion connections is meaningless in terms of mind, just as measuring every frequency of visible light would be meaningless to explain how Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa. 


It’s not the story that is responsible; it’s our attachment to it. Attachment falsifies experience by freezing it in place. The weight of the past becomes a burden. The present moment is lost in the clutter of memory, belief, and old conditioning. 

Everything in experience

A “cup of coffee” is in quotation marks because you are actually relating to a so-called object. In reality, you are experiencing a fusion of sensations. Your eyes see colour, light, and shade, which you perceive as the cup. Your nose detects the coffee’s aroma, your hand feels the warmth of the coffee in the cup, your tongue its taste. What we call a tree, a cloud, a mountain, a star, or a cup of coffee exists only as an experience. 

Quantum abilities

Our abilities are truly amazing. And those abilities are at a quantum level. Through the body’s quantum detectors, we are seamlessly woven into the universe at the finest level. Quantum, the universe and consciousness are connected (if not the same).

  • The human eye can detect a single photon. 
  • The inner ear is so sensitive that it can detect vibrations less than the diameter of an atom. 
  • It was previously estimated that the human olfactory system could detect ten thousand distinct smells, and the latest research suggests that smell is a quantum sense that can distinguish a trillion different inputs. 
  • We can detect tactile sensations down to one billionth of a meter. 
  • This sense hasn’t been traced to the quantum level, but it is already known that the human tongue detects the five tastes (sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami, or savoury) at a molecular level. 

We are woven into the universe

It shows that our participation in the world begins at the quantum level. In quantum theory, everything bubbles up in “quantum foam” before form and structure begin to appear, rather like formless cake batter until the cake is baked and acquires a solid shape. Through the body’s quantum detectors, we are seamlessly woven into the universe at the finest level. Human potential is infinite because consciousness, the universe and quantum have no boundaries. Human beings are connected to infinite possibilities. 

Perception is action

Perception is not passive, it is active. You create what you see. At the quantum level, looking is as good as touching. The average person isn’t prepared to accept responsibility for the spell/ dream/illusion we are entangled in. Reality isn’t a numbers game. It’s a one-player universe, and you are enough to move creation itself. 

Fix your filter

All you need to do is fix your filter. You can become metahuman by making the life-altering choice to be a metahuman. The self you have learned to recognise in the mirror is continuously reinforcing all kinds of limitations that do not need to exist. The reason we find ourselves hopelessly entangled in an illusion is that we are totally wrapped up in “I” and everything it stands for. Your very words cannot get you to a place outside the illusion you are entangled in. 

To be human is to ride the storm

In daily life, a myriad of mental events pop into existence, and they are so constant and compelling. We never experience the still surface of the lake, which is pure consciousness. Unfortunately, our minds are not smoothly connected to pure consciousness. Our minds are a confused, chaotic jumble, vividly described in some Eastern traditions as a monkey. 


Once you eliminate everything that isn’t real, what’s left must be real. Since we are already free, there is no effort needed to get free. You are free once you base your life on one thing, your sense of self. The first step is to begin to notice your sense of self. To become aware. You will find that awareness is internal and external. If awareness is present both inside and outside, it is independent of space. Once you see that awareness isn’t bound by time and space, then you—the real you that is pure consciousness—must not be bound by time and space. 

Take a deep breath

At any moment in the day, simply shut your eyes, take a few deep breaths to bring on a state of relaxation, and centre your attention on your heart (or on your breath). It sounds strange, given the elaborate complexity of religion, that the entire spiritual journey is only this: relax and be aware of yourself. By doing this, you subtly allow the “pull of the self ” to become a real experience. Once you have the experience of sensing yourself, which is available to each of us in our calmer moments, you can use inner silence to transform your world, one day at a time. Accessing meta-reality.


The bottom line is that you rule your brain, not the other way around. The path to metahuman is a path of self-awareness. You can control who you are, even if you think you can’t. Mind is the activity of thought. Consciousness is the field of pure awareness. In an analogy from ancient India, consciousness is the ocean, mind is the waves that play across the ocean’s surface. Metareality is the storage place for everything that has ever been thought and ever will be thought. Because infinity is boundless, meta-reality also contains every possible thought. Allowing you to work from the field of infinite possibilities.

Your true self

Accessing the power of intuition in your unconscious self. You gain “aha” moments when the unconscious self reveals something to you that your conscious mind didn’t realise. You can get access to your “true self.” At the level of the true self, all desire for change reaches its goal, because only here is “I am” enough to bring total fulfilment. No external gratification compares with this. The key is that pure consciousness contains infinite resources of creativity, bliss, intelligence, love, and awareness. Here we discover that everything happens for a reason, but the reason is very different from the stories we tell ourselves. Pure consciousness organises every event, including every possible event. It sees and knows all. From this viewpoint, everything happens for a reason because there is only one thing. 

Practice not doing

That is the state the author calls “choiceless awareness.” It is the very opposite of struggle. Instead of always doing, you practice the art of not-doing. It’s hard to realise that the best choices make themselves. The universe takes care of you. Detach. Already the vast proportion of your physical life takes care of itself. Therefore, some part of you is already living without making choices. If people simply stopped forcing, which isn’t mystical in the slightest, daily life would improve immensely. If we stopped doing a lot of things we know are bad for us, not-doing would become a way of life everyone would want to follow. 


Meditate, be aware, connect to your true self and let go. Your wholeness will unfold on its own. You can stop forcing, struggling, and interfering. You can communicate with immortality and turn it into a way of life. All you need is the insight that you are doing it already. Wholeness is immortal. 


sensemaking cover


Sense making; morality, humanity, leadership and slow flow. A book about the 14 books about the impact and implications of technology on business and humanity.

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