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When did you hear the word “digital” for the first time?

If you can remember, you are not a digital native, but a digital immigrant.  And that might have serious consequences for your business. I have just finished reading two books on the impact of the digital revolution on our lives and our businesses. “Future Minds” and “The new normal.” I always assumed that digital is good for kids.  A recent book, “The kids are alright” explains that gaming and entrepreneurship go hand in hand.  It is part of this new “lean” start-up wave of thinking. Fail often and fail fast. Like in gaming, you try and try until you get to the next level.  That is why I allow my kids to play Xbox.

Good news for the old folks…

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con prism

Social media is not crap, some of the books about it are

I try to stay ahead or at least on top of the thinking on social media. Understanding the speed at which things change is important, and I make a point of reading up as much as I can.

“Socialnomics” and “The Mesh”

Over the last week, I read two books on the subject; “Socialnomics” and “The Mesh.” Also reviewed them for Newstalk on the business breakfast show. I got carried away and used the word “crap” (twice) and advised not to read them. I might have been wrong.

Social media is important

I think I did the subject of social media and its impact on business a disservice. Rather on focussing on how bad the two books are (if you …

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hacking work

Hacking, ADD and export

Reinventing work

“Hacking work” is about reinventing work. There are a lot of interesting books about work, the meaning of work, controlling your destiny and all that. Even the Dalai Lama wrote a book about happiness at work.

Are you happy at work?

Why is that important? There is a strong economic rationale behind being happy at work. Happy workers are 10-25% more effective (from “Emotionomics”).

I wrote earlier articles about the importance of happy workers from a social media and marketing perspective (read “Engage,” “Workplace 2020” or ‘Marketing 3.0”).

Hacking work

“Hacking work” is about organisations being out of control while trying to be in control. Corporate big brother. The problem is that Big Brother uses outdated systems that …

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Employees first, customers second

Employees first, customers second

Vineet Nayar, the HCLT’s CEO, identifies the part of the organisation that creates value, the people who work for the customers. With the right support, these people can create much more value for customers, which mean the customers will create the business success that the organisation wants. Nayar- recounts how he defied the conventional wisdom that companies must put customers first, and then turned the hierarchical pyramid upside down by making management accountable to the employees, and not the other way around.

The Problem

In a knowledge economy, knowledge is power, so each level of management jealously guards his or her knowledge because it appears to be the sole reason they hold that management position.

What if you share your…
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