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Resilience, my new book

My new book “Resilience, what you can learn from master chefs, stoics and Navy Seals and why innovation, art and storytelling are important”

These are the 3 designs for the cover of my new book “Resilience, what you can learn from master chefs, stoics and Navy Seals and why innovation, art and storytelling are important”. Designed by the brilliant Jon Carroll of Jamjo.

Free book

Tell me which one you like and I will send you a free copy of the book once it is available. E-mail


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The moral paradoxes of our future

Future trends

Trying to make sense of the future is difficult. To quote Tim O’Reilly, the author of “WTF?: What’s the Future and Why It’s Up to Us”; “Everything is amazing, everything is horrible, and it’s all moving too fast. We are facing a set of paradoxes today.

It took me a long time to get my head around this book. It is a combination of “Thank you for being late” and “Machine, Platform, Crowd”. It will defintely make you think.

It is complex

The magical technologies of today, and choices we’ve already made, decades ago, about what we value as a society, are leading us down a path with complex contingencies, unseen dangers, and decisions …

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future leadership

18 tips to become a future leader

A book about leadership under VUCA circumstances, a world in a scramble, with asymmetric upheaval and shape-shifting organisations. Where disruption becomes the norm. It is not going to be easy. What do you need to do as a leader?


You will need to be physically, mentally, and spiritually strong. Fitness will be a price of entry for top leadership roles. Read “The Navy Seals Art of War“, “Eat, move, sleep” or “Buddha’s brain

Perspectives and action

You need to get as many perspectives as you can to learn from a wide diversity of views—but not get stuck in any single view worldview, to look long instinctively—but focus on action when that is needed. …

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ACEI Annual Conference

Photo Peter Houlihan / Fennell Photography

Resilience, anti-fragile, navy seals, master chefs, stoics and books to read

I had the pleasure of speaking at the ACEI conference about resilience. This is what I talked about:


The definition of resilience is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties” or “the ability to persevere; to attempt to overcome setbacks or obstacles” In everyday-speak, it is often referred to as ‘bounce-back-ability or “toughness”.

It is used in a business context, but also in the context of personal development, community development or indeed climate change.

The book that immediately springs to mind is “Antifragile” by Taleb. The ability to recover from shocks as a business or as an individual. Suggesting that you should inject small shocks to become more resilient.

Other words used are adaptability and flexibility, The ability to …

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runaway species

The brain is wider than the sky

Our brain is wired for creativity

There are many, many perspectives on creativity. Some think it is a skill we have lost. Some think it is an education problem. Most agree it is something we can learn. The authors of “The Runaway Species: How Human Creativity Remakes the World”, think it is part of human nature. We can’t help ourselves.

Innovation will never stop

That is why hairstyles, streetlights, nations, symphonies, laws, sonnets, prosthetic arms, smartphones, ceiling fans, skyscrapers, boats, kites, laptops, ketchup bottles, auto-driving cars, bikes and stadiums keep changing. Why can’t we find the perfect solution and stick with it? The answer: innovation will never stop.

“What if” all the time

It’s never about the right thing; it’s …

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deep work

The future of work is deep work

Working with focused attention is important

For me, it started with “Paid attention” and “The end of absence”. Maybe even “The shallows”. Constant distraction as an issue. Digital crack as an addiction. Knowing that attention is what we choose to focus on and what we choose to ignore defines the quality of your life. Our brains construct our worldview based on what we pay attention to. That is from “Solve for happy”. Who you are, what you think, feel, and do, what you love, is the sum of what you focus on.


Since I moved to Spain, I have removed all social media from my phone, try to manage my e-mails …

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small giants

57 tips to (re-)build a business as a family.

One of my favourite books is “Hidden champions of the 21st century”. It is a book about very successful family run small companies that no one knows about. A fantastic antidote to all the scaling, VC, unicorns, IPO, exit, news bombardment.Against the business news by exception. That is not how most businesses operate. Most businesses want to survive, create an income, have some fun and have started pursuing an opportunity, dream, purpose or vision.

Family business

The hidden champions are companies, that have a long-term focus on multi-generational wealth creation, are passionate about what they are doing, are very good at it, own a market niche, are deeply grounded in a local community and look after their staff …

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robot proof

Robot-Proof Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Will robots and AI take over the world of work?

Ken Robinson

If was an educator I would scratch my head. That is what “Robot-proof,  Higher Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” does. If you are a Ken Robinson fan, you know what I am talking about. If not, watch the most popular on TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) titled “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” recorded in 2006. My favourite quote: “Our education has mined our minds like we’ve strip-mined the earth, for a particular commodity”. That was 2006. We are now in 2018. In the time of robots, AI and quantum computing, genetic manipulation and augmentation. At exponential rate.

Robots are feared more than death (or public speaking)

Being a …

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The countdown to singularity, why you need to understand exponential

Peter Diamandis

I am part of Peter Diamandis In his words, a community of abundance and exponentially-minded entrepreneurs.

Countdown to the singularity

It gives you access to a lot of very, very cool stuff, including an annual overview of where things are going. Exponentially. As a countdown to the singularity. Learned a few new words. Tokenising, Kodakcoins and recellularize. Reflecting the developments in cryptocurrencies (now at 1 trillion dollars and counting, 6.4 billion in ICOs expected) and healthcare.


Let start with 5G first. The ability to download a movie in a fraction of a second. For everyone on the planet. Through Oneweb and SpaceX, Within two years. Adding 4.2 billion people to our collective consciousness. Making information, …

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Putting Stories to Work- Mastering Business Storytelling

Leadership is storytelling

Storytelling has been on my mind for a while. I am writing a book about leadership. I also have been doing some work for Trinity College on innovation and entrepreneurship. Part of that is storyboarding, storytelling and pitching. Also writing a book about leadership, which in my view is all about storytelling.

Putting Stories to Work: Mastering Business Storytelling

So have been reading up. Titles such as “Resonate” (my old time favourite) by Nancy Duart and  “Putting Stories to Work: Mastering Business Storytelling” by Shawn Callahan, to name a few.

Storytelling is everywhere

Storytelling seems relevant everywhere I look. Entrepreneurship, marketing, social media, change management, innovation, strategy, management, stakeholder engagement, learning, self-awareness, health, sports, leadership, etc., etc.. With all our …

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