67 ways to help your mind to make a quantum jump

Michu Kaku wrote about it in “The future of the mind”. Your mind is a quantum machine, stepping into the multiverses it wants to be in. Multiverses or parallel realities. When people get feelings or hunches or instincts about the future, we are actually locked into an awareness of all of these life tracks—the waves—in parallel universes.

Parallel realities

These conversations about parallel realities are becoming more and more commonplace. We are now at the stage that the great minds of our time have developed theories with credibility and grounding in theoretical models that are mathematically valid. For example, we know that time is relative based on Einstein’s theory of relativity. We now think that the future may play a role in the present and is a new prediction of the mathematical laws of quantum physics. Some physicists believe that we will, at some point, be able to fold space to minimise directions and move entirely into other areas of reality.

The Reality Revolution: The Mind-Blowing Movement to Hack Your Reality

I decided to pick up “The Reality Revolution: The Mind-Blowing Movement to Hack Your Reality” by Brian Scott. A book about how to move into entirely different realities and witness magical shifts in reality. Quantum superposition suggests that who and what we are, also exists in multiple other states, even if we are unaware of it. For example, Ramtha, in “Beginner’s Guide to Creating Reality”, describes seven levels. Brain scans show network structures of up to eleven dimensions. 

The message of the book

Deep inside of us, there is a symphony of a hundred billion neurons firing in concert, constructing the vivid reality in which we live. We are inextricably connected to our minds, bodies, and consciousness. We can actively manage that and there are techniques to do so.

Quantum jumping

Our bodies, cells, and minds are constantly giving quantum signals, which we can visualise as entanglements and quantum coherence. Think about it as quantum jumping. Steering in a particular direction by using your powers of intention, observation, and awareness. Think about it as playing a video game. The parts of the game world that you’re not in don’t really exist. You only see the part of the world that you’re in.

You decide what you see

If we consider the power of the observer, then we have to acknowledge that every single discussion about the universe involves the observer. We are observers who can only perceive one reality at a time or who can only experience one highway at a time, so it seems like we’ve only ever been on one road. 

Infinite possibilities

The block universe theory says that we can look at our universe as a giant four-dimensional block of spacetime, containing all the things that ever happen. In the block universe, there is no “now” or present. All of the future and past can be accessed through what is called the alternatives space. All of the events occur at the same time. Everything that is, was, or ever will be, exists at once. There are infinite possibilities at every point in time, and a parallel reality exists for each possibility. Each problem has a resolution that already exists, and you are outside of both the problem and the solution. The universe is infinite, and your life is infinite. Every choice you’ve ever made is infinite, and the results you can tap into are infinite if that’s what you truly want.

Everything is connected

At one point in time, the particles inside of us could have been entangled all the way back to the beginning of time. All of the atoms and chemicals that exploded from our pea-sized universe in the Big Bang were connected—which means we may well be connected to the very stars we see in the sky. Everything is connected. Everything in life has an energy signature. Everything is composed of constantly moving, changing energy. And everything has consciousness. Which means everything has the same access to the quantum field. We are connected not only to each other in the present but to all time and reality. That means, whenever you touch an object, you give it some energy, and you gain some of its energy.

Share thoughts

To illustrate how we are connected. Start with your partner in life. When you become close enough to a person, you begin to share thoughts and feelings. On an energetic level, however, a structure appears when a group of people think in the same way. As a result, the parameters of their thought energy are identical. Their thought energy finally unites into a single current.

You are your own limitation

The key to effective moving quantum jumps is to let go of your past. And to believe. We cannot manifest what we don’t believe. All limits are self-imposed. Once you start creating filters in your mind, even if there is truth to some of them, those beliefs can become limiters. Read Psycho-Cybernetics. 

You are your habbts

Everyday habits, even if we think they’re irrelevant, become a more significant factor than we realise. Like our DNA mirroring the universe, our small-scale habits define us on a larger scale. They are holographic. We move into timelines that match the reality of who we are. If you say to yourself, “I am wealthy”, then act with the habits that wealthy people have, you will move into that timeline. It’s hard for many people to find clarity on the reality that they are in and the one that they want. You have to embrace the idea that you are responsible for every moment. You have claimed this version of yourself as the real you.  Every day, we wake up to the same memory of experiences and reaffirm the same idea of the future. As long as we follow these routines, our brains become a record of everything that we’ve known, all influenced by the environment around us. The only way to break out of the neurological structures that force us into our environments and memories of the past is to actualise a different reality.

Take action

If you want to create a reality, it won’t magically happen just because you want it. You have to take action. The real secret to creating your life is to feel it. Your heart is much smarter than your mind. Biologically, we have two personalities: the brain and mind and the heart and body. Neuroscientists have found that the memories we call up easiest are long-term memories connected with strong emotions. These feedback loops condition the body to literally live in the past. The key to breaking these feedback loops exists in the heart. Once your heart and mind are unified, you can begin to see miraculous changes in your material reality beyond anything that you can fathom.

Brain waves 

The book explains the various brain waves. Delta, theta, gamma waves. The lowest brainwaves are infralow, at less than .5 Hz. Gamma waves particularly is a state associated with qualities of transcendence, spirituality, and an awakening to creative insight and mental lucidity. Through a distinctive form of guided meditation or subliminal tapes, hypnosis can override limiting programs that your subconscious has retained. About five minutes prior to sleep and waking, when we’re already in that theta wave state, is a great time to access that space with or without hypnosis.

Hack your subconscious

The subconscious mind houses memory, including real and imagined life experiences. While it can process unfathomable amounts of information at once—some studies suggest four hundred billion bits of information per second.  To put that into perspective, a movie has about twenty-four frames per second, while we’re living in about nine million frames per second, and the subconscious mind processes exponentially more than that.  It cannot edit that incoming information as true or false, helpful or harmful, it can, on the other hand, cure diseases and create and alleviate stress. The mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s just vividly imagined. You can make it believe anything.

The conscious mind

The conscious mind is much slower, more deliberate, and less efficient—processing only two thousand bits of information, requiring them to be grouped, and moving its impulses at about 150 miles per hour compared with the subconscious mind’s hundred thousand miles per hour. This makes the subconscious one of the most advanced forms of technology on the planet.

You brain is a serious piece of technology

And this is the technology that we’re trying to hack. Your purpose starts today, not tomorrow. Accept that you are extraordinary and define what you want. The subconscious is also the heart that guides us. To transform our lives, we have to transform our thinking. To transform thinking, we have to enter and transform our subconscious minds.

What to do

  1. Alter your media consumption. Whatever we watch and listen to will inform our subconscious, like it or not. Choose positive songs, uplifting shows, and positive books. Listening to hypnotic or affirming programs while you sleep is a powerful addition to this experiment, although
  2. Use affirmations. Simply repeating affirmations will only have limited benefits; you have to actually feel the affirmations. 
  3. Become an affirmation collector. If something resonates with you, write it down.
  4. Bring feeling into the repetition to break down lack of belief.
  5. Become aware of your trapped emotions
  6. Be positive and grateful and hold onto that mindset.
  7. Forgive.
  8. Tune into powerful emotions and feelings of joy and gratitude in your visualisations and meditation. You will be drawing future events to you that create these emotions.
  9. Start working with your dreams. Dreams may be unrealised sectors of the space of variations from the past and the future.
  10. Become aware of the script that you’re in. 
  11. Tune in to your intuition. There is part of us that knows everything that is and is to come—it is the intuition, and it’s something we can all tune in to. Intuition is more than just a little hunch. It’s something that can guide us to an incredible place in the future. Intuition works at that quantum level and certainly will be influenced by energy and those links we have to other people and things. Read “Frequency“.
  12. Set aside a specific time every day to write about the twinges, hunches, stomach lurch, and coincidences that you experienced.
  13. Define your dream life.
  14. Know your purpose. When we align with the destiny we want to orbit in and the moons we want to shine in our nights, our lives become more meaningful.
  15. Read books. Books connect us to people we’ll never know, in times and places in history that we will never travel, to ideas and constructs that we will never experience.
  16. Analyse the five people you spend most of your time with.
  17. Stop procrastinating. The reason you procrastinate from day to day is because those tasks don’t mean enough to you.
  18. Trust your instincts with every bite of food and drink of water. Remember the power that water has to carry intention—when you drink water, your thoughts are making an imprint on that water.
  19. Be still. For at least fifteen minutes a day, in some way, find a way to be still.
  20. Set intentions. Intentions should always be specific and in the present tense.
  21. Fast. The effect that fasting creates is called autophagy, and it helps the cells to repair, the digestive process to rest, and keep everything generally ticking nicely.
  22. Sleep. Cycles of ninety minutes continually appear in our body’s rhythms, and sleep is no exception. 
  23. Do mantra meditation. Transcendental meditation, in which you repeat a phrase or mantra over fifteen- to thirty minutes, is powerful.
  24. Apply colour healing. This is a brilliant technique that you can do anywhere, anytime. The idea is that when you meditate, you focus on a colour that has some kind of health properties attached to it.
  25. Shift your perspective. Look at your body as a system and not just a single organ.
  26. Commit to your health. Health should be part of your overall manifestations.
  27. Breathe. This might be the most important thing to come to grips with in terms of fixing our bodies.
  28. Listen to your body. What are your energy cycles like? When are you best? What do you need to make your life more productive? How does your body respond to stress, tension, and fear?
  29. Love yourself. As you meditate, go through every single part of your body, bones and cells and all, and tell it that you love it.
  30. Laugh. One of the greatest things you can do to give yourself a healthy body is to laugh.
  31. Create. Creativity puts us in the right state of mind for health.
  32. Apply Qigong techniques. Qigong training has many physical and health dimensions.
  33. Write a letter to the universe. Tell the universe everything you want, without shame.
  34. Choose abundance. Thoughts are things and powerful things at that.
  35. Respect the law of flow. If you hold your money in, it will never come back to you.
  36. Get uncomfortable. A common trait in people who have become wealthy, it’s that they do the things that make them uncomfortable.
  37. Accept delayed gratification. 
  38. Learn to receive. When you go to a restaurant with someone, and they offer to pay for dinner, how do you respond?
  39. Find inspiration. Every day, spend fifteen minutes taking in something inspirational.
  40. Check your words.
  41. Focus on already having.
  42. Use the two-cup method. This is another simple but powerful method that you can bring into your practice. Essentially, pour two glasses of water, grab a pen and a couple of Post-it notes. If you want to increase the amount of money you have in your checking account, for example, on one cup, you will write the amount you have in your account. On the other cup, write down what you want to have.
  43. Abandon the intention of receiving and create an intention of giving, and you will receive the very thing that you gave up.
  44. Remember that the brain is taking in 400 billion bits of information at any given moment, but only 2,000 of those bits are consciously processed.
  45. Use nootropics. These are substances intended to improve mental performance with minimal side effects to the body.
  46. Do something new and exciting.
  47. Open your heart.
  48. Practice happiness. Do not wait for a stroke of good luck.
  49. Look to people who are incredibly successful and model their behaviours.
  50. Take cold showers regularly.
  51. Release. We’re often stuck in a reality because of the unpleasant thoughts, painful memories, and grudges that we hang onto.
  52. Enhance your ability to call upon multiple senses (advanced mental martial art).
  53. For thirty days, create something new every single day.
  54. Learn a new language. The syntax and linguistics that we use define our reality in many ways.
  55. Wherever you go, whatever you look at, focus your full attention on it.
  56. Anchor states of mind which appear to be trance-like.
  57. Move from a doppelganger of yourself into a complete fulfilment of that reality, where you believe it is real and not simply imagination.
  58. Move into a state of deep gratitude with your hand on your heart.
  59. Use eye movement to access consciousness. Imagine that your eyes are like a joystick for your consciousness. Spending fifteen seconds looking each way is said to open the third eye—others believe the opening of the pineal gland is connected to rapid eye movement.
  60. Create permanence in a journal
  61. Be self-aware. The universe is conscious, and self-awareness is a loop of self-referential circularity.
  62. Use NLP. Neurolinguistic programming opened up the idea that we understand the world through our own representational systems, and we become biased toward those systems.
  63. Act “as if” something has already happened.
  64. Apply reverse visualisation
  65. Express gratitude for something you haven’t received yet. The feeling is the secret. Gratitude is more than just a trick that makes you feel good. It’s broadcast out as an emotional signature, and it can attract reality that includes the thing you’re grateful for.
  66. Use technology (brain-simulation, light frequencies, vibration, neuro-feedback, acoustics, etc., brain tech is a hotspot).
  67. Use different techniques (guided quantum jumping, astral projection, lucid dreaming, fractal animation, frequency shifting, identity shifting, hypnosis)

About the pineal gland

The pineal gland is a gateway between realities. The heart meridian is an entire second brain, arguably smarter than the brain in our head. From a quantum physics perspective, the heart is the wave energy that particles shift into when they aren’t observed. Your intuition exists in your heart. It’s where you can hear the voice of your true intuition.

About premonitions

Premonitions suggest we are linked with every consciousness that has existed, does exist, or will exist. What we need to understand is the difference between coincidence and synchronicities. Day to day, the RAS creates a filter and only presents the pieces that are important to you. Synchronicity, coincidence, miracles, good luck—these are different terms for the same RAS phenomenon, but it’s important to understand that the intelligence of the body works through that synchronicity.

About awareness

Every sensation from smelling to feeling is critically important to understand what is happening in your environment. The only way to feel the subtle energy of intuition is to relax. Intuition comes when you look at the situation as though you’re seeing it for the first time, devoid of emotional baggage, from a mental state of neutral love.

About energy

The energy in the human body, at its purest potential, has been calculated by physicists to be ten times greater than the energy in a hydrogen bomb, thanks to Einstein’s famous E=mc2 using the mass of an average human body.

About science fiction

Imagine that all science fiction is real in some part of the universe, that these ideas exist, all imagination is real. If we understand parallel realities and have access to future realities based on what we focus on, then we know that we can move toward the futures we want through how we think about things.

The quantum age

We are absolutely facing a quantum age in which the power of our minds to create reality is increasing. Technological advances in every major field, from computers to pharmaceuticals to DNA and CRISPR, indicate a world where we live incredibly long lives or create materials out of pure information. 

The future

Our future extends beyond anything written in science fiction, and that includes an understanding of the human body that is about to explode in the way that technology has in recent years. We’re finding that chromosomes possess wave dualities. Personality resides in the cells of the body as much as it is in the brain. Some research suggests that DNA acts like a light sponge or a mini black hole. Every single black hole has another universe behind it, with parallels of realities surrounding us. Japanese researchers have found that the human body glimmers, with light fluctuating through the day in cycles. Imagine that: your DNA has the power of a black hole, strong enough to store and control visible light. The rational explanation is that there has to be an energy field paired up with the DNA molecule like an energetic duplicate or quantum entanglement. We are not interacting with DNA alone, but the source field that it carries.

Your future

We’re about to hit a collective tipping point. This is the moment we are in right now, about to experience a revolution. The more adept we all become at understanding quantum physics and parallel realities, the more we shape the world. Cherish life. Aim to be extraordinary. You are extraordinary. You are infinite. Don’t just think positively, but become the embodiment of the person you want to be. If you want to harness the power of the universe, you must be willing to change your thoughts. To change your ways of being. You’re a perfect reflection of the choices that you’ve made, so start making better choices.


The Reality Revolution is a bit far out, but I am convinced some of these techniques can be used to help companies make a quantum leap too. Read the “The quantum leader“.

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