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I am a huge fan of Brian Solis. His thinking on social media and customer experience is second to none. He recently published “Lifescale: How to Live a More Creative, Productive, and Happy Life”. A book that has nothing to do with social media. It is nearly an antidote to social media addiction.

Zombie Apocalypse

We started consuming more than we were creating. We traded expression and imagination for scrolls and swipes. We were intoxicated by the blurring of life between physical and digital. A sort of Zombie Apocalypse has quietly crept up to our doorsteps. China now has designated cell phone lanes.


All of our toggling between apps, networks, email, and texts comes at a tremendous cost to the actual work we are meant to be doing. Ten years ago, the average person shifted attention every three minutes. Now, employees will last a whole 45 seconds before shifting their focus. What’s more, today’s average employee will check email 74 times a day and switch tasks on their computer 566 times per day. Each time we waste time by falling into rabbit holes of digital distraction, we’re paying an opportunity cost.

Race to the bottom of the stem cell

Ramsay Brown, the COO of start-up Dopamine Tech, admitted in an interview that his team uses artificial intelligence and neuroscience to make you even more addicted to your phone. “We have the power of gods without the prudence and compassion of gods. It’s a race to the bottom of the brain stem . . . getting people’s attention”.

The research

  • Your brain typically takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds to return to work following a distraction.18
  • Research has found that an eighth-grader’s risk for depression jumps 27% when he or she frequently uses social media,
  • Every time you shift, you shift your attention, from one thing to another, the brain has to engage a neurochemical switch
  • Experts estimate that you suffer a 40% loss in productivity when you multitask.
  • When you are switching between tasks, you place yourself in a mode of high alert or on edge.
  • Not only does multitasking slow you down; it lowers your IQ

All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone

You were not put on this planet to validate your existence through the false validation of strangers. You are more important, able, and beautiful beyond any number of likes, comments, or followers can attest. You can find a new path by living your life as if no one is watching.

Reclaim your focus

We haven’t lost our ability to focus at all. We need to reclaim it. We can unlearn disruptive behaviours, learn new skills, and build new routines that help us chart the new course of life. Every day our body replenishes our creative juices, to begin with our full potential. You can start whenever you want.

  • Prioritising your day with the most important.
  • Turn off notifications in important moments.
  • Work in sprints.
  • Reacquaint yourself with the artist formerly known as you.
  • List three ideas every day.
  • Be more self-aware.
  • Live in the moment.
  • Embrace a beginner’s mindset.
  • Practice un-self-consciousness.
  • Pay attention to your breath.
  • Practice acceptance.
  • Slow. it. down.
  • Go with the flow.
  • Define your own standards of success.
  • Look within to appreciate who you are and discover who you are not
  • Take an inventory of your (emotional) baggage.
  • Prioritise who you are and whom you want to be.
  • Articulate and picture a life worth living
  • Apply visioning.
  • Write down your goals and action steps.
  • Ritualise the dedication of time and space.
  • Ruthlessly prioritise
  • Keep score to keep improving your performance

The more you know who you are, the more you can become the ideal you

The book is an overview of the personal journey that Brian Solis has made in realising what really is important and the techniques he applied. There are a lot of better books. Here is a list:

sensemaking cover


Sense making; morality, humanity, leadership and slow flow. A book about the 14 books about the impact and implications of technology on business and humanity.

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