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I was invited to speak at a Great Place to Work event. We have been fans of GptW for a long time. I talked about the future of work.  At the event, I had the pleasure to meet Neil O’Brien. He did a cracking talk from his book “Time to fly”. A book about how to transform your life.


Some quotes from his talk:

  • “physical is the new mental.”
  • “your body is the answer.”
  • “world class basics are at the heart of success.”

Neil was kind enough to give me a copy of his book. It is a warm, funny, well-structured, practical book, helping you to reach your potential.

Seven flying lessons

Seven flying lessons to help you soar and transform from a hen into an eagle. Neil would like “Simplify”. This is the “simplify” version of “The code of the extraordinary mind.

1. Comfort is bad for you

Starting with stepping out of your comfort zone. Growth only happens from discomfort. No pain, no gain.

2. Perception is everything

Followed by changing your (self) perception. “Be careful what you look for”.  You are what you see.

3. Know your talent

When you know what you are, you know what to do. His advice is to set up a talent panel if you do not know what you are born to do. Neil would like “The rise of Superman”. Flow is an indicator too.

4. Be confident

He gives you some tools to develop behavioural, emotional and universal confidence, including some tricks, all based on mind over matter. Act as if you are confident or borrow confidence from somewhere else. Jack Black suggests to mentally ask someone you admire to step into your body. When you are about to do a speech, imagine Ken Robinson stepping into your body. It works! 

Other tips:

  • smile
  • walk tall
  • open your body language
  • belief (create a placebo effect)

5. You are worth it

The next chapter is self-worth. Choosing to be brilliant, instead of mediocre. Health and vitality. Move, eat, sleep. Breath and forgive. 

6. Dream

Ignore SMART and dream. Targets are for wimps. Dreams, not targets, are the fuel for achieving your potential and ignite your passion. And then just take the first step and start doing. Creating world class basics. Using your instigation capital.

7. Fly!

And if you do that, things will happen. Opening to your purpose can help you establish a connection with the Divine. That is from “The Celestine Prophecy”. 

Go fly, and things will happen.

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