Why you should go an a strategic retreat with us

This is a biased plug for a strategic retreat we are running in Barcelona. Not sure if there are places left, but if you are a driven, ambitious CEO, you should read on or book now. If you are not driven, well…….

Tibor Olgers

I am a lucky man. I get the opportunity to work with some of the best. For example, Tibor Olgers. A very understated man. He was in the elite security detail of the Dutch police. Which means that Tibor was protecting extremely threatened witnesses from all over the world, politicians and the royal family. He trained with the SAS, Army Rangers and the Navy SEALS to name a few.

CEOS are elite

He was taught some of the mental tricks that make elite forces what they are, i.e. elite. I have always maintained there is a lot of overlap between top athletes, special forces and entrepreneurship. Tibor is of the same mindset. He believes that all the things he has learned working with elite teams can and should be applied to business. It needs the same mindset. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted. Extreme stoicism is the only viable operating system for entrepreneurs and increasingly CEOs.

Character is everything

Mental toughness is only trained through sports and physical activities. The age-old “healthy mind, healthy body”. Or better, from a healthy body, a healthy mind will follow. That is before you consider that leadership by example also increasingly means that potbelly CEOs are no longer credible. It shows a lack of character. And character is essential for modern-day leadership, where leadership is a collective mindset, where you need people to want to follow you. Because of your stories, your purpose, your integrity and your authenticity. That includes physics fitness.

Physical fitness

Which is why Tibor’s strategic retreats focus on physical activity as part of the mix is so interesting. I have seen it in action. I have been part of it. As one of the team. It is has enforced my belief that business success and mental and physical fitness go hand in hand, but also as a transformative experience for me. For which I am Tibor extremely grateful.

Business fitness

My mission is to help CEOs to be the best they can be. On all levels. Using the best business thinkers, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. In my case, I use mainly business books. Exposing you to the views and frameworks of hundreds of business thinkers. Focussing on strategy, purpose, vision and leadership. That is part of the business fitness. Mix in Eelco Smit, the number 1 business coach and take over advisor in Holland. A fellow bestselling author and investor.

Mental fitness

Now combine that with the mental frameworks of an-ex Dutch Navy Seal(ish) and the best fitness coaches and you have created an opportunity for CEOs to make the jump to the next level of performance. Making you a better person and as a result a better CEO. From that success follows.


Tibor has tagged me as the disruptor. My girlfriend has printed me an orange disruptor shirt (hence the picture). If you do not get a transformative experience after five days in Barcelona, I will eat the shirt on the last day of the retreat. Give it a shot. You owe it to yourself and you deserve it. See it as an investment in your mental, physical and business capital. You will not be disappointed with the return.



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