What you can learn from Master Chefs, Stoics and Navy Seals and why innovation, art and storytelling are important.

EPUB/KINDLE + PDF version.

I am an unapologetic book nerd. I love books.

With Bookbuzz, I now making a living briefing CEOs and their management teams on the latest business thinking: to stop reinventing the wheel and learn from the best – and then using that as the platform to make better business decisions.

This book is a mini version of our Bookbuzz briefings. It opens with a ‘book flower’ with all the images of the books that are covered. It is the map of the book.

All these books are then referenced in the opening chapter and written about in separate chapters, so you can skip to the titles that interest you.

The purpose of this book and others in the series is to make you think, wonder and reflect. Maybe get a new idea or a new way forward. At a minimum it will make you more aware of what is out there.

I hope you enjoy the book. All feedback is welcome. My contact details are at the back.

Ron Immink, CEO, Bookbuzz – Making better business decisions

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