new capitalist manifesto

Loose, maverick, funky and disruptive


The New Capitalist Manifesto: Building a disruptively better business, by Umair Haque. The clue to the message of this book is disruptive. Together with words like loose, maverick and funky, disruptive describes the need for new paradigms for a new world. In The New Capitalist Manifesto: Building a disruptively better business, Umair Haque says that our economic institutions are obsolete. We inherited them from the industrial age, and they no longer work for business, people, society, or the future.

Constructive capitalism

What we need is constructive capitalists who create higher quality value because it is less risky, less costly, more defensible, and more enduring, it is usually worth more to stakeholders of every kind: people, communities, society, future generations, employees, regulators, and investors alike. Constructive capitalism is about providing better outcomes. Capitalism works best when government meddles as little as possible. The optimum economy is one in which entrepreneurship and risk-taking are rewarded, customer choice is maximised, markets are used to allocate scarce resources, and the regulatory burden on business is minimised. We need to build more enduring, meaningful, and authentic brands. We need to move from value chains to value cycles, from value propositions to value conversations, from strategy to philosophy, from protecting a marketplace to completing a marketplace, and from good to better.

Love poem

One reviewer described this book as “a joyous celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit, a love poem that reconciles the individual will and the human collective.”

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