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How transformative are you?


How transformative are you as a business? If you need help defining that you might want to pick up Evolved Enterprise by Yanik Silver. A book that is full of exercises, models, examples of those type of companies.

Become a firm of endearment

A book that will help you create firms of endearment. If you feel you are truly on a mission in your heart and your spirit, you can tap into something that’s much greater than just building a successful business for monetary reasons. Businesses that reflect your true essence and your true calling of who you really are. Making sure the mission of the business is what you want to accomplish in your life. As an expression of artistry and love. Authenticity. Being exceptionally different. Creating astonishment architecture. With a vision for a bigger future. Creating a culture of joy.

  • Would you like to work for a company like that?
  • Do you think your staff will be engaged?
  • Do you think that the company will be more productive?
  • More competitive?
  • Do you think customers will like it?

The business case

Which brings me to the business case:

  • From 1998 up to 2013, the cumulative returns of Evolved Enterprise eclipsed the S&P500 by 1400%. That is a 14 to 1 difference
  • The largest segment of the economy, millennials, represent $2.45 trillion in spending power is 60% more likely to engage with brands that discuss and act on social causes.
  • 70% of people consider social and environmental impact when deciding where to work.
  • If you do not believe me, ask Paul Polman, the CEO of Unilever. The socially responsible brands accounted for half of the Unilever’s growth in 2014 at twice the rate of the rest of the business.

To quote Forbes. Businesses that ignore this will be on life support in 4-7 years.

Business as catalysts for impact

Entrepreneurship and business for impact. Why? Governments are too slow. Entrepreneurs and business are our world’s catalysts. Individually, we drive growth, value creation, and innovation. Collectively, I believe 21st-century entrepreneurs and businesses have the greatest leverage available to impact the globe.


Combine this book with reading (and applying) “Exponential Organisations” and “Reinventing Organisations” and you will have a blueprint for success.

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