Future focussed entrepreneurship starts with 100 days

I have been working on my book “Future focussed entrepreneurship” for quite a while now, and since my last Mankracht retreat with, I have come to the conclusion that preparing for the future always ends and begins with a 100-day plan. You need a point on the horizon, but you will never get there without the 100-day plans.

Tibor retreats

The structure we apply in the retreats is 10 years, 1000 days, 1 year, 100 days. Everything with numbers. The 10-year founders dream with numbers (the aspirational break-even), the 3-year vision with a number, the one year target with a number and the 100 days with one priority, number and specific actions on how to get to that number.


With an associated party if you achieve or exceed your targets. It forces the entrepreneur to focus and to set priorities and make choices It makes them accountable, and it creates an enormous amount of space to do what needs to be done. 


It also helps with communicating the strategy to your staff. If things are correct, everyone nows the same numbers and knows what to do in achieving these numbers.

Marketing and sales

Combine that with a not-to-copy and a very, very clear definition of the person that is paying the invoice and deep understanding of the problem you are solving, and you are on your way to sell.

Physical and mental

What makes these retreats so unique is that the laser focus is not only achieved by creating the clarity in business, but also by combining it with physical fitness, self-awareness and mental strength. Hence hell night and full-on training in a cross-fit box every day during the week. 

Complete honesty

Five days of working with best in their field in coaching, business and fitness. With a complete no-nonsense attitude. Some of the coaches have a special forces background which gives no-nonsense a very different dimension. They take no prisoners and will tell you the truth no matter what. 

Healthy mind, healthy body

It is very simple. The emphasis is on a healthy and strong body, with a clear, healthy, strong, focussed mind and a clear sense of where you want to go and a list of things to do and more important things you should not do or ignore (until the next 100 days) to get there. 

If you stick to 100 days plans for 10 years, the future will take care of itself. 

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