Business retreat Operatie Doorbraak

I have just finished a 3-day business retreat with Tibor.nl. This time Operation Breakthrough.

Movement, mindset and business principles

What happens when you combine movement, mindset and business principles with a retreat for 3 days with a group of 12 entrepreneurs and 5 very experienced coaches, whom all approach people and business from different angles and perspectives?

No distraction

What happens when phones are switched off for 3 days?

Start early

What happens when you start your days at 5 a clock in the morning with a walk through the forest, light exercise and meditation?

Be different

What happens when you celebrate outlying?


What happens when you focus on only four things for those 3 days?

  • niche market, solution, magic
  • product ecosystem and building a sales engine
  • one target/one thing to focus on
  • 100 days action plan

Relevance and tailor-made

What happens when you have a programme that allows you to adjust to the participant’s needs at a minutes notice, to ensure maximum relevance and a complete tailor-made approach to every individual.


You get maximum impact and you get transformation. You move entrepreneurs to clarity and purpose. You move entrepreneurs to sales and turnover.


We always and with a few minutes of feedback to ensure we have met the expectations of our clients. And as always I was blown away with the extremely positive feedback. Goosebumps and tears.


12 entrepreneurs moved from “me-too”, unclear value propositions, terrible pitches, unclear market definition and with lack of focus and direction to the exact opposite. Clarity, differentiation, segmentation and a pathway to success. You don’t have to take my word for it. Ask Corine, Mariëlle, Wijnand, Daniëlle, Joost, Marc, Ellen, Debby, Linda, Marja, Ghio and Eugenie.

More information

If you want to experience the same, go to Tibor.nl. See you on 19-21 June, when we run the next Operation Breakthrough.

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