The 'Book Writer's Checklist

Expert Secrets of Publishing a Compelling Book.'  

The 7 step framework for writing and publishing your book
Exactly where to focus and what steps to take next
Why writing isn’t as hard as you might think


Hi! I’m Ron and I’ll be your personal writing coach.

Ron Immink

I’m a Dutch/Irish author of 15 books that have sold over 250,000 copies. I’m probably one of the best-read entrepreneurs in Europe. Over 10,000 books read and counting.

I write about topics such as climate change as a business opportunity, innovation, leadership, strategy, future trends and intrapreneurship.

I know what’s been written. What is unique, new, and what will stand out.
And what won’t…

First and foremost, I understand the importance of generating revenue as a consultant.

And the crucial role reputation management and content marketing play…

In getting you clients that pay you what you deserve, and appreciate what you do.

This 'Book Writer's Checklist will get started on the right path.

dirk van uffelen

Dirk van Uffelen


“I have to highly recommend him. Not only did he show me exactly what to do to finish my book.He listened with so much empathy to my life story, ambitions and goals and provided me with valuable feedback, business and life coaching."

edith van anker

Edith van den Anker

Founder High Vibrational People

“I know nobody as well read as Ron, who also has the ability to pick out the highlights and share them with the people in his network. All at blinding speed. An innovator and a genius, who is so innovative that a conversation about the possibilities in the future, makes your head spin.”

The 'Book Writer's Checklist
Expert Secrets of Publishing a Compelling Book.'

With all my experience in writing books, I have learned that writing is not the issue. It is about the why, the who, the business model, the distribution and the (pre-)sales plan. The answers to the questions on this checklist will help you set the right framework for the book.

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