Ron Immink is a true original thinker in the world of marketing and innovation. When I was looking for someone to chair our ARVR Innovate industry panels in 2018, Ron was an automatic choice. Thorough in his research in advance, Ron’s insights and style of interviewing made for a really productive event. Ron and I have known each other over many years, and he always brings fresh thinking in any of the interviews I have done with him for my radio show. If you are looking for a fresh pair of eyes for a corporate event, or company innovation processes, Ron is someone who brings real value.

Alex Gibson, ARVRinnovate

Ron is a dynamic, talented speaker with a real flair for succinctly pulling together the words, ideas and images needed for a particular event. He is reliable and conscientious with a wealth of sound business and related knowledge that can be applied in many contexts. But best of all Ron is easy to work with and is good fun!

Sarah Ingle, Association of Consulting Engineers Ireland

Ron is a maverick, a change agent. A disruptor that disrupts by showing you something better. By making you think better. We asked Ron to be one of the experts on our business retreats in Spain. He gave masterclasses about innovation and growth. He sat down 1-on-1 with the attendees, fine-tuning their strategic plans. All the attendees were raving about Ron, as was I, so from now on Ron is always the first one we invite for giving masterclasses/joining forces during our retreats. Glad we bumped into each other Ron!

Tibor Olgers, Tibor.nl

I have known Ron for a number of years and when I was looking for somebody to spend 2 days with our MBA students to discuss 21st century leadership I knew Ron was the right man for the job.  As expected he prepped the session well and pitched it perfectly.  The students were truly inspired and challenged by Ron’s approach to how leaders play a role in ensuring the world is fit for future generations.  Ron is a gifted speaker and really pushed the students out of their comfort zone with his way of thinking.  All of the MBA students on this cohort at Teesside University Business School are already leaders in their organisations and many of them stated that they immediately began to implement changes at work as a result of the time they spent with Ron. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask Ron to repeat the workshop for future cohorts.

Dr Gill Owens, Teesside University

The secret sauce is that they are changing the implicit environment behind the learning itself. As a specialist in executive behaviour change, I can attest that in terms of promoting true change within an organization, BookBuzz session are the real deal.

Dr. Kevin J. Fleming, CEO Grey Matters International

We engaged Ron Immink to come as a guest speaker to speak to our clients of the accountancy firm Fitzgerald & Partners. Ron is an excellent public speaker. He really engaged our audience and did a really good session on business strategy and looking at making accountancy more future based in thinking. We received excellent feedback from our clients and this is something we would like to do again in the future.

Cormac Fitzgerald, FCPA Fitzgerald and Partners

I would describe Ron as a futurologist, societal change maven and an innovation grenade, often at the same time. His talks are highly informative, educational, thought-provoking and adaptable for different audiences. He pitches the message equally to global corporate leaders, social entrepreneur organisations and all businesses in between.

Alan Costello, NDRC

Ron awakens the mind of any willing listener, the trouble is when you are part of Ron’s audience you have to reign yourself in and really focus on hearing what is being said and the implications for where you are at in your thinking – there is no such thing as passive listening in this talk . You will come away rejuvenated, the senses have been truly slapped

Dr Cecilia Hegarty, PLATO

I have witnessed Rom Immink ‘holding’ audiences attention, completely enrapted and engaged by the journey Ron was taking them on.

Ron has a unique ability to help people imagine the world from a multitude of different perspectives. This becomes altoghether reasonable given Ron’s background, knowledge and insights into the business world built on his passion for absorbing new concepts and ideas by reading books about business from all of the world’s great business leaders and thinkers.

Ron brings a wealth of ‘insider’ knowledge to his talks and speaking events to challenge and stretch our own thinking to imagine and visualise the world of business from new, interesting and compelling angles. Its impossible not be totally absorbed and engaged by his informative, direct and witty style.

I would always be the first in line to book my place at one of Ron’s talks or speaking engagements.

Roddy Feely, Bellevue Creative Solutions

I have known Ron Immink for over a dozen years; I have seen him speak; I have hired him to speak at numerous events over that period.

He has a unique take on life and on problem solving. This reflects a broad set of interests and a deep commitment to learning. That sounds pretty heavy going but his speaking style is light and invested in humour as well as knowledge.

Ron can speak on a broad range of topics but is astonishing when it comes to innovation, strategy and imagining the medium-term future business environment. In terms of speaking modes, I can say from first hand experience that he is as comfortable in formal after dinner mode as he is in informal fireside chats.

He appears always at ease himself, he has the winning personality to put a panel of speakers at ease. He understands speaker craft and that shines through in everything he does.

I am happy to recommend him wholeheartedly for any business speaking engagements.

Frank Hannigan, Pathfinder

Ron has been involved in social enterprise sector for many years and does great work with Sustainable Nation as well as a number of for-profit organisations. He’s well connected in the startup sector and has business acumen built up while working with large blue chip organisations as well as numerous not-for-profits and academic institutions. Really approachable and engaging, Ron brings a different perspective and always helps to generate momentum.

Karl Ahern, Founder & CEO, Red Planet (acquired by Deloitte)

Ron is a great source of ideas. He is endlessly energetic, inquisitive, creative. He is one of the best networkers I have met. He is passionately committed to innovation. I highly recommend him.

Barre Fitzpatrick, Managing Director, Stride

Ron has a very professional approach, he understands technology, business and business models which gives him a strong basis to work with new and emerging companies.

Brian O’Connell, Business Mentor

We engaged Ron Immink to come as a guest speaker to speak to our clients of the accountancy firm Fitzgerald & Partners. Ron is an excellent public speaker. He really engaged our audience and did a really good session on business strategy and looking at making accountancy more future based in thinking. We recieved excellent feedback from our clients and this is soemthing we would like to do again in the future.

Cormac Fitzgerald, FCPA Fitzgerald and Partners

Ron was a colleague working in the same area of supporting University spin-out companies and developing an entrepreneurial environment. Ron’s expertise with start-ups, empathy with entrepreneurs and creative stamina are very evident. I sought Ron’s guidance on programmes to support start-up entrepreneurs and found him extremely helpful and insightful.

Drew O’Sullivan, MD, Serafina Capital (Brandish Ltd)

Ron and I have been involved in several projects where the common denominator was creativity. Ron is not just a true ideas person, he also knows how to follow through and deliver. To use Ron’s own terminology, working with him is a gas. Ron is one of the smartest guys in his field. He has both energy and stamina, he has clear vision and he executes. Ron has been a constant supporter of our company. The support has been way beyond the call of duty. I believe we are not the only company who found this to be the case. I recommend him as a friend, a business partner and as a clear thinking innovator.

Yanky Fachler, Ghostwriter, copywriter, published author, trainer

I met Ron in my capacity as a client of DCU Invent Centre from where I started up my software business. Ron is a natural creative networker with a wide range of useful contacts in the entrepreneurial area and a knowledge of how to use them to everyone’s benefit. He helped me find an negotiate an agreement my Beta site partner, and has always been a willing source of good advise. If I had to decribe Ron’s style I would say he’s striking in his good natured, bubbling enthusiasm for working with people. He has a great sense of humour and is known for his infectious laugh and positivity. I’m happy to recommend him as a professional and effective business networker.

Niall Kelleher, Dir. Kelleher Traditional

Ron helped enormously during Noretech’s startup. He is innovative, committed, and a great networker !. He has great business development skills, delivers on promises, plus he is a great guy to work with!

Neil Costigan, CEO BehavioSec

I have had a number of dealings with Ron since 2001 and on the basis of those can very positively recommend him. He is knowledgeable and extremely helpful. As important is that he is also extremely professional. His understanding of the early stage start up space, combined with his work in the area of innovation and creativity make him a strong resource on any project.

Keith Bohanna, Head of Digital CX, Bank of Ireland

Book Reviews

A compendium of ideas for business.

3 October 2017 | Format: Kindle Edition

First off and for purposes of transparency, I’ve known Ron for a long time and he has been an influential part of my life in business.

In this book Ron combines his passion for books with his enthusiasm for sharing knowledge. His own willingness to do the hard work for the rest of us and wade through these books to offer insights and ideas reflects how he likes to share and serve.

Knowledge as Jim Al-Khalili is the “only resource that increases the more we use it”. And essentially this is what Ron has done.

If I were to summarise most of what he covers, it is that no matter what industry/business or sector you’re in, be prepared to change, adapt or move your business or you will probably die and if you don’t have a strategy then you definitely will.

Thanks Ron and keep it up.

Written version of Shocks of Awe. Will make you think.

27 September 2017 | Format: Kindle Edition

Interesting structure where the author takes you through a number of books around future trends, AI, cyber security, etc. but also meditation and mindfulness. If you want a book that will make you think and wonder, this one for you.

Well worth the read.

9 October 2017 | Format: Kindle edition

A great read – novel approach and very fresh. Worth a couple of hours of anyone’s reading time.

I love Ron’s style and ability to summarise complex ideas into …

16 October 2017 | Format: Kindle Edition

I love Ron’s style and ability to summarise complex ideas into simple concepts that helps us all grasp what’s coming down the line! Challenges us not to stuck in the here and now but to understand the potential of future business models and concepts. Roddy Feely.

Read this. Get excited and a little scared.

4 October 2017 | Format: Kindle Edition

A great book to have as a reference, a conversation starter or as a firework for your brain. Think about it as a distillation of some of the latest thinking, scariest facts and most amazing trends and opportunities that exist right now. It’s presented in a very approachable way and in Kindle friendly way. Recommended.

Thought provoking.

4 October 2017 | Format: Kindle Edition

Thought provoking, learning and a ‘need to read’ if in business or if you take an idle moment to recharge and think about what any future might hold.

The Greek Philosopher Socrates said, “The only wisdom is …

September 27, 2017 | Format: Kindle Edition

The Greek Philosopher Socrates said, “The only wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”. In the case of “The Future, Slow Down of Go Faster” we know very little of the Future when it comes to our digital presence, within it.. We are so focused on solving the problems of past experiences that we spend so little time seeking to solve the problems of our future. Instant gratification and willingness to connect opens us to the risk of our very online presence not being owned by us, at all, but by the accumulators of that data, such as Facebook, Google, etc. One of the most startling things to be brought to my attention in the book was that if J.K Rowling had written Harry Potter on Google Docs, the copyright of that series of books would be owned by Google. From the Future of the Mind, to Human versus Digital conundrums, is AI already running our lives and we don’t even know it yet? Worth a read, if only to scare the life out of you, for those of us moving forward but looking in the rear view mirror.

Clear, succinct and very useful

October 3, 2017 | Format: Kindle Edition

As a small business owner, it is useful to have someone point out the obvious. The Future: Slow Down or Go Faster does just that. The future may not be pretty or it may be pretty. We get to decide.If you want to delve into the mystical world of the day after tomorrow, this book is for you. Or, if you want to keep it simple, all the information you need is there.

It reminds me of the lessons I learned in swimming …

October 5, 2017 | Format: Kindle Edition

It reminds me of the lessons I learned in swimming earlier this year while training for my 4th full Iron Man: it is counter intuitive, but if you slow down your stroke, you will extend your reach, and end up going faster and farther with less effort. So too in business and in life. As always, Ron brings wisdom through his writings. Now to put it into practice.

Not only does it satisfy the intellectual who’s keen to know it all.

October 16, 2017 | Format: Kindle Edition

This book gives a sound overview of some leading meaningful business books. The handy format is a practical and serves the hands-on entrepreneur who wants to be up to speed with current management and business thinking. Not only does it satisfy the intellectual who’s keen to know it all, but more importantly, it is a tool everyone can use in day to day practice.

Hi, my name is Ron Immink, I am a business coach, author and speaker, working with companies to improve their future prospects and improve their business models.
If you have any further questions that the website is not answering, feel free to send me a WhatsApp message and I will respond asap.
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