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How transformative are you?


How transformative are you as a business? If you need help defining that you might want to pick up Evolved Enterprise by Yanik Silver. A book that is full of exercises, models, examples of those type of companies.

Become a firm of endearment

A book that will help you create firms of endearment. If you feel you are truly on a mission in your heart and your spirit, you can tap into something that’s much greater than just building a successful business for monetary reasons. Businesses that reflect your true essence and your true calling of who you really are. Making sure the mission of the business is what you want to accomplish in your life. As an expression …

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Holacracy as an organisational structure

The structure of the modern organisation rarely helps ignite the passion and creativity of the workforce. In short, today’s organisation structures are quickly becoming obsolete.


We’ve covered tons of books that deal with organisations trying to get their companies to work more productively and to find a way to engage their employees more fully. The most recent being “The Connected Company”, “Bioteams”, “The Moment of Clarity”,  “Employees First Customers Second”,  “Delivering Happiness”, “Work Sucks”, “Drive”, “Maverick”. Brian Robertson take us on his journey in a thought provoking book that is all about practice. This is not an idea or theory this all about doing.


Research shows that every time the size of a city doubles, innovation or productivity …

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The future of work

We were doing some work for a large corporation with the launch of their new learning and development programme. The client is a progressive company that believes that well developed, engaged and happy staff are essential for their success.

The brief

The job was to give staff a briefing on the future of work and to give the context and contrast from all the latest thinking on the subject. This was to facilitate them as they choose the learning interventions they wanted and needed for the future.

Four quadrants

We designed 4 quadrants:

work in the future the skills you need it is all about you you in charge of the future


It is fascinating. The jobless society, Moore’s …

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