Social Media and Selling


Why marketeers should never ignore the science, customer delight, gaming, culture and the Lindy effect.

Includes EPUB/KINDLE + PDF version.

Social media and selling are full charlatans and gurus

It was Drucker that said that he uses the word guru because he would not know how to spell charlatan. Or take a leaf out Freek Vermeulen’s “Business exposed”. Most management theories we believe in are wrong.

Conversation Prism

I think the same is going on with social media. Anyone claiming to be an expert is wrong. You only need to follow the evolution of the conversation prism, to understand the complexity of social media and the speed in which it develops.


Which is why you need to read “The second machine age” to understand the exponential effect that is yet again rearing its ugly head. The speed in which social media is developing is mind-boggling. Think Artificial Intelligence, think big data, think speech bots, think neuro-marketing.


That does not mean that there are still sound principles at work.  Starting with the principle that the purpose of social media is selling. Selling has become a bit of a lost art and has been having some image problems. If you want to reconnect with the nobility of sales, the book to read is “Life is a pitch”. If you want to know more about the dark side of selling, “The science of selling” is for you. Applying neuroscience to selling. It is quite amazing how easy we can be manipulated. Which why I always suggest “The code of the extraordinary mind” as the antidote.

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