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Extreme honesty (he is Dutch)

Hundreds of people have used Ron as a mentor and coach, to talk, bounce ideas, get his perspective and advice and sometimes just to get a number of book suggestions.


Through his books (about books) on topics such as future trends, social media, innovation, resilience and sense-making, his speaking engagements, his guest lectures, his facilitation, his workshops, his advisory and coaching roles, he has developed a clear set of winning models for his clients.

Unique perspective

He brings a unique perspective based on his years as a founder of a number of successful companies, as a CEO, as an entrepreneur, as an intrapreneur and innovator, as an author. He has the battle scars, he has an arsenal of questions, templates and models to apply to your particular challenges and brings the experience of working with hundreds of companies and startups, on strategy, intrapreneurship, innovation, marketing, social media, etc.

Piranha Pit

He is part of a blood-on-the-wall advisory board for owner-managers and CEOs with aggressive growth ambition, who are in need of bread discipline and accountability. Consists of monthly sessions with industry heavyweights with 150 years of collective experience in growing and selling businesses.


“We asked Ron to be one of the experts on our business retreats in Spain. He sat down 1-on-1 with the attendees, fine-tuning their strategic plans. All the attendees were raving about Ron, as was I, so from now on Ron is always the first one we invite for giving masterclasses/joining forces during our retreats.”

“If you want someone who is going to help you and your business achieve great things, then Ron is your man. He has the capacity and ability to wade through the mud to help you find those diamonds that will help you transform your business.”

“I had a mentoring session with Ron for my startup business a few months ago through and Ulster Bank. Ron was quickly able to identify areas for growth and gave me valuable advice that I was able to implement right away. I would have no hesitation in recommending a mentoring session with him. It was of huge value.”

You can book a meeting with Ron. You will not be disappointed. If you are, you get your money back.

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Hi, my name is Ron Immink, I am a business coach, author and speaker, working with companies to improve their future prospects and improve their business models.
If you have any further questions that the website is not answering, feel free to send me a WhatsApp message and I will respond asap.
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