Innovation: Do or Die


A perspective on innovation, execution, organisational structure, technology, purpose and the need to understand exponential.

EPUB/KINDLE + PDF version.

I work with lots of large and small companies on innovation and future-proofing, but I have to immediately admit that future-proofing is a false term because there are no guarantees. The book to read there is Future Babble. No one can predict the future; what you try is to create a mindset and awareness so can you assess what trends are a threat, and which are an opportunity.

Innovation is already there

My job is to create a larger awareness of the importance of innovation and create a platform to make innovation in your company more explicit. I know all the building blocks are already there. In your projects, your people, your clients and your ecosystem.


Is anyone into cooking? Watching Masterchef? If you like execution, you will like Working Clean. This books takes the process and way of thinking of a master chef and translates that into business practices. The title says it: work clean. They also focus on mise en place. Commitment and grounding yourselves in the job. Choosing excellence. Any planning nerd will love it.

In some ways that book is not far off from The Navy Seals Art of War. What can you learn from special forces? A real macho book full of steroids. Same theme: Do or Die. Excellence as a habit. Commit or quit. There are quite a few books now on special forces, and a lot is on mindset.

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