The Future: Slow Down Or Go Faster


A perspective on predicting the future – future trends, unpredictability, the mindset and some tools and books to use.

Includes EPUB/KINDLE + PDF version.



A perspective on the future and how to deal with the changes that are coming our way. Taking a journey through a wide number of books, giving you a wide an interesting perspective.

The testimonials:

“A great read – novel approach and very fresh. Worth a couple of hours of anyone’s reading time”

“I love Ron’s style and ability to summarise complex ideas into simple concepts that help us all grasp what’s coming down the line!”

“A great book to have as a reference, a conversation starter or as a firework for your brain”

“Thought provoking, learning and a ‘need to read’ if in business”

“Many great books explained and connected in a very interesting way”

“If you want to delve into the mystical world of the day after tomorrow, this book is for you”

“Perfect if you want it fast, a few pages at a time”

Hi, my name is Ron Immink, I am a business coach, author and speaker, working with companies to improve their future prospects and improve their business models.
If you have any further questions that the website is not answering, feel free to send me a WhatsApp message and I will respond asap.
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