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Ron helps build businesses. He has worked all over Europe and the USA with a variety of clients. He is the author of many entrepreneurship and strategy focused books. He is a regular contributor on Newstalk radio, a regular public speaker on innovation, strategy, future trends and entrepreneurship and his articles are featured in the media in Ireland and the UK.

He is founder of BookBuzz, StrategyCrowd and Small Business Can. He is the entrepreneur-in-residence for Sustainable Nation, and the Irish lead for the Climate-KIC Climatelaunchpad, the largest green business idea competition in the world.

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Just some of the clients I have worked with. Read a full list of testimonials here.

"I had the joy of working with Ron while he was involved with Invent, the innovation centre in Dublin City University. If you want someone who is going to help you and your business achieve great things, then Ron is your man. He has the capacity and ability to wade through the mud to help you find those diamonds that will help you transform your business ..."

Camillus O'Brien
M.A. FMII Grad.

"I had a mentoring session with Ron for my startup business a few months ago through www.smallbusinesscan.com and Ulster Bank. Ron was quickly able to identify areas for growth and gave me valuable advice that I was able to implement right away. I would have no hesitation in recommending a mentoring session with him. It was of huge value ..."

Jillian Morkan
Sales and Marketing Manager at Costa Systems

"The word STRATEGY is bandied about by many who do not have a basic understanding of its concepts - Ron however, is one of the most clear minded strategic thinkers I have ever dealt with - knowledgeable, professional, pleasant and pragmatic. You would be hard pressed to find a better advisor for your business activity ..."

Peter Nolan

"Ron is a visionary. He is a truly insightful guy. At JPR, we have worked closely with Ron on a range of projects for Small Business Can, including media partnerships with the Belfast Telegraph and Sunday Business Post, and on the Start-Up Live and Business Live events series. Ron's articles and columns for the media partners always find ..."

Chris Harrison
Chartered PR Professional / Director at JComms


From the Blog

great workplace

Creating a great workplace; ROI, rocket science, branding and insurance

The great workplace use information gathered from surveys from over  2 million people in 6000 companies from 40 different countries. Alan talked about the book on Newstalk. You can listen back here:

Take note

You should take note! In studies by Russell Investment group financial performance of the traded 100 best companies against the S&P 500. It shows that for 1998- 2008 the 100 best achieved annualised stock returns of 6.8% with the S&P 500 only having a stock return of 1.04%. Other stats show that the best places to work have lower staff turnover, have more people applying for jobs and have lower absenteeism.

What do staff want?

And it is not rocket science either. What do staff want? …

Free open Bookbuzz session

Free open Bookbuzz session

We read a lot of books about the future. Our clients have covered books such as “Shift, the future of work is already here”, “What technology wants”, “The New Normal”, “Out of our mind”, “Flash foresights” and more. Visit www.bookbuzz.biz/bog if you want to catch up. We always try to find what we call the “anti-book” with opposing views to ensure lively debate and critical thinking. The anti book to all the books we mentioned above is “Future Babble” by Dan Gardner. That is the book we have picked for our open Bookbuzz taster session this month. So you are invited to to our next open Bookbuzz session to debate and discuss

Future Babble: Why Expert Predictions Fail – and …

More future babble

More future babble

You have to watch this video. Awesome. It is about the exponential growth curves converging (faster, smaller, cheaper, better) and how it impacts on the future of medicine;

This is not only happening in medicine. It is happening in ICT, materials science, energy, etc, and business. How do you think this is going to impact on your business? You should get your staff and your top team discussing a book such as “The physics of the future” or “The New Normal” or “Flash Foresight” or an old classic such as “Future files”. We have them used them with clients and the results are new sense of urgency, awareness, fresh thinking, vigorous debate, excellerated learning and better execution. No need for …

SHIFT, the notes for Newstalk radio

SHIFT, the notes for Newstalk radio

From the author of Hotspots (which is a dog of a book). Shift, however is a great book that touches on most of the books we have covered so far and brings it together on how all of this is going to effect work and life in general (on the premise that our work is our live).

Five forces are shaping our future:

1. Technology (page 29)

2. Globalisation (page 32)

3. Demography and longevity (page 38)

4. Society (page 41)

5. Energy (page 47)

The dark side:


• Worksite instead of website

• Great piece on how work was in the beginning of the 90s and how it has already changed (boiling frog is used again). Call is …


Optimistic about the future of work?

Tomorrow morning, bright and early (6:45), I will be talking about “The Shift, the future of work is already there”. There have been quite a lot of books about the future of work lately. With our clients we have covered “Hacking work”, “Workplace 2020” and touches on books such a “Out of our minds”, which is about our education system not ready for the new world of work (the economic crisis is chicken feed compared to the future education crisis). The shift

“The shift” looks at the five forces that will fundamentally change the way we work in the next ten to fifteen years: globalisation, society, demography, technology and energy. If you want to read up on the technology trends …