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Ron helps build businesses. He has worked all over Europe and the USA with a variety of clients. He is the author of many entrepreneurship and strategy focused books. He is a regular contributor on Newstalk radio, a regular public speaker on innovation, strategy, future trends and entrepreneurship and his articles are featured in the media in Ireland and the UK.

He is founder of BookBuzz, StrategyCrowd and Small Business Can. He is the entrepreneur-in-residence for Sustainable Nation, and the Irish lead for the Climate-KIC Climatelaunchpad, the largest green business idea competition in the world.

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Just some of the clients I have worked with. Read a full list of testimonials here.

"I had the joy of working with Ron while he was involved with Invent, the innovation centre in Dublin City University. If you want someone who is going to help you and your business achieve great things, then Ron is your man. He has the capacity and ability to wade through the mud to help you find those diamonds that will help you transform your business ..."

Camillus O'Brien
M.A. FMII Grad.

"I had a mentoring session with Ron for my startup business a few months ago through www.smallbusinesscan.com and Ulster Bank. Ron was quickly able to identify areas for growth and gave me valuable advice that I was able to implement right away. I would have no hesitation in recommending a mentoring session with him. It was of huge value ..."

Jillian Morkan
Sales and Marketing Manager at Costa Systems

"The word STRATEGY is bandied about by many who do not have a basic understanding of its concepts - Ron however, is one of the most clear minded strategic thinkers I have ever dealt with - knowledgeable, professional, pleasant and pragmatic. You would be hard pressed to find a better advisor for your business activity ..."

Peter Nolan

"Ron is a visionary. He is a truly insightful guy. At JPR, we have worked closely with Ron on a range of projects for Small Business Can, including media partnerships with the Belfast Telegraph and Sunday Business Post, and on the Start-Up Live and Business Live events series. Ron's articles and columns for the media partners always find ..."

Chris Harrison
Chartered PR Professional / Director at JComms


From the Blog

Transparency as a weapon

Transparency as a weapon

This is a blog I picked up today. Had to post it, as it follows so many of the books we have featured. Highlighted some of them in the post.


This is a guest post by Scott Weiss, general partner of Andreessen Horowitz.

I had a real struggle preparing to be a public company CEO. And it had little to do with having scalable internal systems or making the quarterly numbers… I just couldn’t keep secrets from my employees.

As CEO of IronPort, I wanted to be completely transparent with my entire team but my board of seasoned industry veterans was sharply opposed… They raised several serious issues: do you want to leak critical weaknesses to your competitors? Do …

More mindblowing stuff

More mindblowing stuff

If you think our earlier blog about “The Shallows” (pancake minds, scatter brains and slow flow) is disturbing, you have seen nothing yet. Have a look at this;


Is about gaming design as the future of marketing. Talks about Facebook, virtual money, psygology, cognitive dissonance, gaming busting into reality, authenticity, “pocket acception”, reward systems, sensors, disposable technology, REM advertising (yep, advertising in your sleep), tattoo advertising, point system apps, books (YES, books). Fascinating and a must see. Enjoy…


Your mind, Bookbuzz versus Google

The future of the mind

A while ago, I read “Future Minds” by Richard Watson, the author of one of my favourite books on future trends, “Future Files”. In this new book, he discusses the dangers of the internet, particularly for kids. Describing today’s youth as “screenagers,” he shows how constant exposure to social media has created a generation of scatter-brains who have no ability for retention or deep thought.


I found Watson’s thesis somewhat disturbing. Other books (such as “Fun Inc.” and “The kids are alright”) state the opposite – that computers (and computer games) are actually very good for kids. Video games help better problem-solving ability, better attitude to failure, all good stuff.

The Shallows

Then I …


Pancake minds, scatter brains and the slow flow as the antidote

Future minds

A few months ago I read “Future minds” by the author of one of my favourite books on future trends, which is “Future files”. In the book, Richard Watson talks about the dangers of the internet, particularly for kids. He refers to the current youth as “screenagers” and how constant exposure to social media basically creates scatter-brains with no ability for retention and deep thought.


I found that a bit disturbing, but then found some other books (such as “Fun Inc.” and “The kids are alright”) that actually state the computers (and computer games) are actually very good for kids. Better problem solving ability, better attitude to failure, all good stuff.

The Shallows

Then I picked up …

Trend DJ Nicola about the future of customer service

Trend DJ Nicola about the future of customer service

Guess what the what the future holds? One thing is for sure you better put the customer in charge.

Some interesting books on the subject over the last couple of months such as “Shift”(http://www.youtube.com/user/Bookbuzzonline#p/u/4/6ka_IojOri4)


“Everything we know is wrong” (http://www.youtube.com/user/Bookbuzzonline#p/a/u/1/gK3zWNWSGb8).

Dr Nicola Millard Futurologist @ BT Futurologist  described herself  as a “ Trend DJ” In her “ Business as Unusual” talk at Dublin Chamber meeting in  June of this year.

Her research is showing that customers are really looking for you to make it easy to do business with them. Customers want to be in control.

“We don’t want anyone trying to sell us something when we interact with them.” ( This is exactly Zappos …