Operation Breakthrough

At Operation Breakthrough (Doorbraak) we have a manifesto:

I take responsibility for everything that I think is important. I only think in possibilities. I take care of my shit. I do not get distracted by social media or my phone. I do a little bit every day, instead of a lot every now and then, I choose to be excellent in a few things instead of being mediocre in lots of things. I am focussed on growth. I make sure I am overflowing with profit, so I can help others to win too. I am responsible. It is up to me. It is not about me.

Our guiding principles: real, determined, focussed, competent.


There are only six things we focus on during the three days:

  1. Founders dream
  2. 1000 days view
  3. 100 days plan
  4. Niche, problem, solution, magic
  5. Product ecosystem
  6. Sales

Boxing, meditation, ice, leadership

That is combined with starting at 5:30 in the morning with exercise and meditation, boxing during the day with Shanita Doerga, breathing exercises and an ice bath with Marcel Hof and an extraordinary leadership session with Tibor.


In 3 days, with four coaches tackling the business from different angles and you get the breakthroughs. Moving participants from ugly ducklings to become beautiful swans. Moving from nothing unique, scalable, sellable, excitable or replicable with terrible websites to compelling business proposition with an exciting future.


I have run many business development programmes, workshops and training. I am always amazed at how powerful these retreats are. How a combination of hard work, physical, mental and business aspects make people blossom into what that can and should be with a 100-day plan to execute straight away.


Our next retreat is Barcelona. A full week, only for men and 10 times harder. Operatie Mankracht. I can’t wait. Here is a taster:


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