Leadership Briefing Session

Ideal for strategic retreats or as an introduction to leadership development programmes. Based on a business issue, topic or problem statement, Ron will develop a briefing based on the latest business thinking around that topic. The session will give you a wide and varied perspective from a variety of sources and angles. Popular topics are strategy, innovation, marketing, future trends, organisational design, and climate change.

In about an hour, Ron will cover a wide range of books that will prevent you to reinvent the wheel, give you food for thought give you a rich source of content to inform your decision making and help with creativity. Ideal for sessions on innovation and strategy.

The briefing session is followed by Q&A and a discussion to facilitate brain and question storming.

The output is a report with the book suggestions, the questions and suggested next steps.

Company Briefing:

  • Briefing
  • Q&A
  • Report
  • Suggested steps forward