Leadership Briefing Session

Ideal for strategic retreats or as an introduction to leadership development programmes. Based on a business issue, topic or problem statement, Ron will develop a briefing based on the latest business thinking around that topic. The session will give you a wide and varied perspective from a variety of sources and angles. Popular topics are strategy, intrapreneurship, innovation, marketing, future trends, organisational design, and climate change.

In about an hour, Ron will cover a wide range of books that will prevent you to reinvent the wheel, give you food for thought give you a rich source of content to inform your decision making and help with creativity. Ideal for sessions on innovation and strategy.

The briefing session is followed by Q&A and a discussion to facilitate brain and question storming.

The output is a report with the book suggestions, the questions and suggested next steps.

Company Briefing:

  • Briefing
  • Q&A
  • Report
  • Suggested steps forward


“Ron is a maverick, a change agent. A disruptor that disrupts by showing you something better. By making you think better. We asked Ron to be one of the experts on our business retreats in Spain. He gave masterclasses about innovation and growth.
He sat down 1-on-1 with the attendees, fine-tuning their strategic plans. All the attendees were raving about Ron, as was I, so from now on Ron is always the first one we invite for giving masterclasses/joining forces during our retreats.”

“Ron Immink is a true original thinker in the world of marketing and innovation. When I was looking for someone to chair our ARVR Innovate industry panels in 2018, Ron was an automatic choice. Thorough in his research in advance, Ron’s insights and style of interviewing made for a really productive event.”