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For a long time, I have been trying to figure out why the leadership of particularly large companies is not acting faster.

They know

They know the wave of creative destruction is coming. They know their business model is being disrupted. They know that their organisational model is not fit for purpose. They know that their internal clock speed is too slow. They know that they need to redefine their purpose into something transformative. They now that they are focussing on the wrong metrics. They know their staff is disengaged. They know that their innovation attempts are not working.

They wonder

They are trying to figure out marketing, CRM and social media and how their customers now own the brand, making everything transparent (TripAdvisor on steroids). They are worried about sales and margins. They don’t know where the next competitor is coming from.

They understand

They understand the importance of engagement, passion, serendipity, customer delight, digitisation, distribution, mavericks, sustainability, user experience, gamification, big and small data, anthropology, culture, future trends, flow, OKRs, design, scenario’s, storytelling and happiness at work.

Jack Reacher

As I was doing a talk for some CEOs two months ago, it finally struck me. The pain of taking the drastic actions that are needed is too high. It is this:


And then there is the fear of the unknown. We have a list of 195 questions and two books suggestion that will help you map your actions for 2017. No solutions, just a tool to make you think and reflect. Afterall fortune favours the prepared mind. E-mail me and I will send you the PDF by return.

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