the wide lens

Innovation and ecosystem mapping

“The wide lens” is yet another book about innovation. We have covered a wide range of the books with our clients. “The Innovators DNA”, “Open Service Innovation”, “Demand”, “Creativity unlimited”, “Flash foresight”, etc.. Some are future babble, some focus on creativity, other focus on the execution. None has ever covered the innovation eco system.

The need to map

Once you have read it, it is blatantly obvious. You need to map out the interdependencies in your value chain and maybe beyond the value chain. The more outside dependencies, the less chance of the innovation to succeed.Why did the Michelin PAX system not work? Why did Pfizer’s inhalable insulin not work? Why did Nokia fail with 3G? Why did the Sony E-reader fail? None mapped out the value blueprint and the interdependencies in the ecosystem.

Platforms and ecosystems

It explains why Apple is so successful. They created their own ecosystem (or is that just another word for platform?). It also explains why the military can adopt new things so much quicker. They control their own ecosystem too. Happy days for the USA and Israeli start-ups.

The electric car is not going to work

The best chapter is on why the electric car is NOT GOING TO WORK. The obvious ones are the price, the range of the car and the charging infrastructure, the hidden ones are the battery resell value (technology development in batteries is going so quick, making current batteries unsellable). The real kicker is the electricity grid itself. What do you think will happen to the electricity grid if we all start charging our car after getting home from work at the same time?

Must read for innovative startup

There is a lot of “DUH” in the book and I am not sure if that is because it is common sense in hindsight or because “The wide lens” has hit on something new. Regardless, if you are an innovative SME or startup with a new product or service, you should have a read.

Tip for SMEs

We asked Ron Adner what his tip for SMEs would be. He tweeted back “Look beyond your end customers. Focus obsessively on finding the win-win-win. Win-lose-win is the recipe for failure”. More tweets on @ronimmink. The book will give you all the questions and steps to navigate an increasingly complex world of co-opetition and frenemies.


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