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Physical and mental discipline as the leadership framework

The military is the only profession that teaches leadership under extreme circumstances. And they have been teaching that for thousands of years. Which is why have started to read up on leadership practices in the military and in particular the special forces. Can you lead when you are being shot at? Can you lead when every decision you make could mean life or death?

Leadership is physical and mental

What you immediately find is that the main focus of the way the military train is nothing technical, but mostly physical and mental. Focussing on consistency, resilience, mindset, toughness, fitness, resistance, humility, focus and coherence. Discipline in body, mind and spirit.

Discipline as a way of life

And maybe we should …

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dual transformation

Transformation and innovation, 2 formulas, 8 books, at least 25 questions and lots of lessons

There is a lot of asymmetry in managing innovation and transformation. You need the loonshots to ensure the future (read “Loonshots“), but you also need to keep the day to day routine of making money while one of the loonshots pay off. Managing both streams in the business is difficult. And there is no quick fix.

Dual transformation

Zone to win” suggests you have to manage three time-horizons. “The day after tomorrow” suggests you should manage it as solid, fluid and superfluid and “Dual Transformation: How to Reposition Today’s Business While Creating the Future” suggest you manage two streams transformation A and transformation B.

Winter is coming

The argument is that it not only …

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niet te breken

Making yourself unbreakable, with 27 lessons from the Dutch special forces

As one of the business coaches of, I have the pleasure of working with people with special forces background. I think CEOs and entrepreneurs can learn a lot from special forces, particularly in areas such as mindset, discipline, routine and fitness. Hence, “Niet te breken”, or “unbreakable” in English by Sander Aarts.


A book about special forces and lessons in leadership under extreme circumstances, team dynamics, cohesion and triumph over unbelievable odds. Lessons tested and forged in combat. The lessons from the book:

People are more important than equipment Quality beats quantity You cannot train special forces at scale. You cannot suddenly create a competent team, it takes time. You can’t operate a team outside other stakeholders…
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Atomic Habits- An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones

How to create habits as the platform for mastery and success

Habits are structure. Habits are routine. Habits are short cuts. By the time we become adults, we rarely notice the habits that are running our lives. You are your habits. When you read books about top athletes, top entrepreneurs, top CEOs and special forces, it is all about ingrained behaviour that is repeated and repeated over and over again, as the platform for mastery and success.

Your brain

I am fascinated by how the brain works. Books like “Inner engineer” and “Breaking the habits of being yourself” are all about how you program yourself (or how you are being programmed). Habits are pieces of programming. By being aware of your habits, you become aware of yourself. …

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Imprints, structures and circuits and the evolution of the brain

I have read some brain-blowing books over the years. “Prometheus Rising” is one is definitely one of the weirdest, but also one of the most interesting. Particularly if you are interested in the mind, self-awareness, mindfulness, quantum physics. Reminds me of “The not so secret rules to the game of life“. Here is what I took out of it:

You are what you think

All books about mindfulness start the same way. You are what you think. Mind and its contents are functionally identical. All that we are is the result of all that we have thought. It is founded on thought. It is based on thought. Whatever the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves. What you do know, …

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transforming legacy

Entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship? What do you think?

I have a particular interest in intrapreneurship. It seems to make a lot of sense. Everything a startup needs, such as money, clients, talent, channels, systems are already available in abundance in an existing business. The only thing, that large companies don’t seem to be able to crack are the ideas that startup come up with and the initial market sensing.

Paying the bills

One explanation is that the large organisation put all their resources in efficiency, quality, delivery and execution as that is what pays the bills. You can only spend your resources and attention once, There is no room for loonshots, you can only spend your resources and attention once, there is no budget for going fluid

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11 exercise to help manage your brain and engineer your inner self

There is a war going on for your brain. Which means you need to develop the instruments to guard you against the ongoing manipulation by social media, your mobile phone, your laptop, Google, Facebook, Amazon and many others. Read “Likewars” and “The four”. That is why I read a lot of books about mindfulness and meditation. Hence “Inner engineering, a yogi’s guide to joy”.  A book that is full of tools and tips to manage your mind.

You are your memories

The book is in some ways a version of “Breaking the habit of being yourself”. You are your memories. Right now your problem is that you suffer what happened ten years ago and …

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The 3 steps to unleash the power for growth

Rene Savelberg is the brains behind the national growth plan in Holland. A very nice man. He is also the author of “Groeikracht”, which translates into Power to grow. It is in Dutch, but it definitely deserves an English translation.

The secret

The secret, according to Rene, is standardisation, partnerships and people. Based on his years as CEO of McDonald’s in Holland and working with lots of companies with his acceleration programmes. Why companies are there to serve staff and clients. That needs to be anchored into the DNA of an organisation. Only then can your business grow. Why half of the human energy leaks out of a company. Only 20% of your employees are truly energetic about the work …

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Thinking in Systems- A Primer

46 lessons I learned about system thinking

I am working with a client on a book about system thinking for business, an particularly in the service industry. You will find a description of the book here. Which meant I had to read up about system thinking. It is like watching paint dry. Very dull and boring. I was recommended to read “Thinking in Systems: A Primer”

A system

A system is a set of things—people, cells, molecules, or whatever—interconnected in such a way that they produce their own pattern of behaviour over time. A system is an interconnected set of elements that is coherently organised in a way that achieves something. A system is more than the sum of its parts. It may exhibit adaptive, dynamic, …

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Content breakfast 24 July 2019

Every morning my information dashboard gives me my content breakfast. Here is food for thought for July 24 2019. It might be useful to others and I am happy to share. If this is of interest, drop me a line. My e-mail is


All these links are also shared on my twitter account, which is @ronimmink

The links

A mix of biology, robotics, ICT, strategy, innovation, genetics, marketing, leadership and all other things that will keep your mind going:

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