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Happy Xmas

Just a short message to wish you a happy Xmas. I will not bore you with yet another list of best books for 2023. AI and quantum computing However, my last two book blogs dovetail this year perfectly. One is about AI, and the other is about quantum computing. AI: Quantum (and QAI):

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How nimble are you?

Because AgilePoint is about complexity reduction, I decided to pick up “Getting to Nimble: How to Transform Your Company into a Digital Leader”. You need nimbleness to seize opportunities more readily or to stave off issues more readily. The usual suspects are mentioned, such as common purpose, trust, and the empowerment of individuals, but there

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Digital transformation = strategy and innovation

Digital transformation has very little to do with technology. Digital transformation is, first and foremost, about using digital tools to solve new problems and drive new growth. Your conversation should not be about technology; it should be about priorities for growth, innovation and value creation. That has everything to do with strategy, impact and value

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How to build a perpetual transformation operating system

Is your transformation focussed on efficiency, or is it focussed on innovation? There is an organisational element and a technology element. Tesla chief Elon Musk once tweeted that “most big companies in tech have turned into places where talent goes to die”. In truth, 99% of firms worldwide don’t fit into the category of achievement

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