Bookbuzz™ Session

Bookbuzz sessions combine the briefing session with a second session, where a specific book, recommended based on the first session, is used to facilitate a discussion to develop your action plan.

The Bookbuzz sessions is an unapologetic part of the slow flow. At the sessions, social media and technology are banned and the focus is on the two oldest media in the world. A book and conversation. Combine that with reflection and tapping into the combined collective wisdom of your organisation and the business authors, and it gives you a powerful mix for creative problem-solving and decision making.

Using the book as the neutral platform, it ensures everyone is speaking from the same starting point. It depersonalises the issues, breaks down resistance and the silos and allows for a deeper and richer conversation about the options available. It also enhances the internal knowledge of the organisation and creates a common language.

The output of the Bookbuzz session is an action plan. If needed Bookbuzz can facilitate implementation and execution of that action plan through the StrategyCrowd team.