Your book in just 8 days

What if writing a book was easier than you can imagine?

And you knew exactly how to turn your idea into a compelling story that builds your reputation and enhances your earning capacity?

Spend 8 days with Ron Immink, one of the most well-read entrepreneurs in Europe, and you’ll have your book written, published, and turning you into an authority in your industry.


Authority (author-ity) is like musk.

It doesn't matter how you stake it...

If you have it (or, more specifically, if the perceiver thinks you have it)...

Then an instinctive thing happens in any relationship dynamic.

It works the same for peers, for competitors, for your business, for your clients…

And like it or not, for your close relationships too.


Authority is a powerful influencer.

I once met a very well-known businessman oozing so much authority in the room…

It was as if he was dripping with musk.

His team had their tongues wagging to his every word.

It was impressive to witness.

Now, get this...

The word 'authority' comes from the Latin auctor, meaning originator, promoter.

And is a stem for the word 'author' as well.

So what does this mean for you?


I will help you write your book and claim your authority position...

My talent is in helping leaders write books.

It’s what I do exceptionally well.

And in brief…

You becoming an 'author' will by nature, magnify your authority and reputation in your industry.

And it’s totally achievable.

An 'author' oozes 'authority'...

It's just how it works.

It's the market reason why Book in 8 Days is so successful and why I have a waiting list that stretches into next year.

A leader with a book behind them…

Is like a musk scent for everyone who comes into your circle.

If you’ve any doubts about it, just picture it right now.

You're a published author in the field of your industry.

You can feel it…

Your colleagues respect you more…

You know your team holds you in higher regard…

The clients that come through your door…

Even your family and friends... see you in a new light.

But it’s not for everyone.

Maybe you’re one of those still being dictated by the ultimate bullshit false belief…

"I don't have enough value to give.”

Truth be told…

Are there a great many books in the world?


Does the world need another mediocre book?

No, not really.

Well, That's OK because that's not what we do…

Writing a book and going it alone, especially if it’s your first time, is an inferior strategic move.

I’m going to repeat myself because what I just said is critically important.

Writing your first book on your own, with no support and guidance, is not the choice of a successful leader.

So what I do is... FILL THE GAP.

I help You write a compelling, purposeful, well structured, meaningful, insightful book.


You don't need to be good at writing to do it.

The experience of writing your book with me is about collaboration in a pleasant, tranquil environment.

We spread it out over four x2day retreats (preferably one retreat each quarter)...

Which gives us the necessary time in between to enjoy the fine sculpting.


Two creative minds getting together to be inspired, creative, to brainstorm, structure, evaluate, make concrete decisions and form a plan.


Get a rock-solid book published 12 months from now.

With your name on the cover.

Your inspiration, your insights, and value, your sweat, joy, tears, and heart poured into it.

I'm with you as your experienced guide…

Not just as a book writer (18 books and over 250,000 sold)...

But as an expert with a wealth of knowledge in the world of business, trends, industry, futurism, eco trends, finance, innovation, and especially literature (I’ve read over 10,000 thought-provoking business books)

I know what’s been written. What is unique, new, and what will stand out.

And what won’t…

I understand the importance of generating revenue as a consultant or author.

And the crucial role reputation management and content marketing play…

In getting you clients that pay you what you deserve and appreciate what you do.

I take that seriously…

I also fundamentally value 'playfulness' in the process of 'creativity...

So we're going to have a great time with this experience.

So how does all that sound?


Author = Authority

What if you could have your best knowledge, your legacy keynotes, distilled into a compelling published book...


One year from today!

How would that influence your life?

I just picture that musk-man commanding that boardroom with such ease…

I want that and more for You.

“So what do you say?”...

Ready to get started?


Fill in the application form below, and I’ll ask you a couple of questions to see if we’re a good fit.

I will be in touch to explain the service and give you some tips. Love to help. No strings attached.

dirk van uffelen

Dirk van Uffelen



"I would like to highly recommend Ron Immink and his unique service: Book in 8 days.

  • Do you dream of writing your own book?
  • If so, do you find it hard to free up the time needed to do research and figure out how to get all your ideas on paper?
  • Are you tired of hearing yourself talking about writing a book in the near future?
  • Are you a little bit jealous of other people already owning their own book?

Well, in my case, I answered all of the above questions with a ‘yes.’

When I first learned about ‘Your book in just 8 days’ I could not believe it but was curious and motivated to discover if this could really be true. I decided to give it a go and contacted Ron.

I have to recommend him highly. Not only did he show me exactly what to do to finish my book. He listened with so much empathy to my life story, ambitions, and goals and provided me with valuable feedback, business, and life coaching."

edith van anker

Edith van den Anker

Founder High Vibrational People


“I know nobody as well read as Ron, and also has the ability to pick out the highlights and share them with the people in his network. All at blinding speed. An innovator and a genius, who is so innovative that a conversation about the possibilities makes your head spin. His book in 8 days service is excellent. Ron uses his fast mind to stimulate, confront and bring out what is unique about your story and stimulates more action. He is deeply involved, emphatic, and thinks with you. The days of writing are, apart from hard work, a joy. Always at a great location, with great food and drink, to ensure optimal results. Nature and humour are inseparable characteristics in his work. I hope to be able to write many books with him.”

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