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new capitalist manifesto

Loose, maverick, funky and disruptive


The New Capitalist Manifesto: Building a disruptively better business, by Umair Haque. The clue to the message of this book is disruptive. Together with words like loose, maverick and funky, disruptive describes the need for new paradigms for a new world. In The New Capitalist Manifesto: Building a disruptively better business, Umair Haque says that our economic institutions are obsolete. We inherited them from the industrial age, and they no longer work for business, people, society, or the future.

Constructive capitalism

What we need is constructive capitalists who create higher quality value because it is less risky, less costly, more defensible, and more enduring, it is usually worth more to stakeholders of every kind: people, communities, society, future generations, …

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How to break the rules of business

Loose: The Future of Business is Letting Go: How to Break the Rules of Business by Martin Thomas

Organisational delusion

Most organisations delude themselves that they are in control because they have surrounded themselves with rigid rules and procedures, micro-managers and planners dedicated to predictability and certainty. Most business schools inculcate a rational approach to business.


But according to Martin Thomas in Loose: The Future of Business is Letting Go: How to Break the Rules of Business, in the complex, non-linear world we live in, the challenge is how to embrace the chaos and ambiguity of modern life.

Avoid structure

The future is not rigid but loose – loose organisations, loose management styles and loose ways of working. Loose …

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Sticky marketing; USP or ESP?

The traditional funnel model of marketing is broken

In today’s experienced-based economy, we need to engage with our customers by adding value to what they do. We need to think in the language of the problems we solve for our customers, and not the benefits and features of what we sell. We need to add value each time we are in contact with them, not just overtly selling to them.


By engaging with people before they need to buy, we will be the first address they seek when they are ready to buy. To truly engage with our customers, our priority must be value creation. If we want to win the battle for customer attention, we need to stop …

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Cary Cooper would love Bookbuzz

Cary Cooper, a CMI companion and professor of organisational psychology and health at Lancaster Management School, on the benefit of management books.

When was the last time you read a good book?

I was recently asked to be a judge on the Chartered Management Institute Management Book of the Year competition. Reviewing the various entries and discussing the worth of books to managers, I began to reflect on the value of management books in the digital age. Do managers even need them? Can they make a difference to how we manage? Does the web provide all the information and tools needed in this frenetic world?


From nearly 150 books reviewed in the competition, the winner was Henry Mintzberg’s Managing …

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future files

When did you hear the word “digital” for the first time?

If you can remember, you are not a digital native, but a digital immigrant.  And that might have serious consequences for your business. I have just finished reading two books on the impact of the digital revolution on our lives and our businesses. “Future Minds” and “The new normal.” I always assumed that digital is good for kids.  A recent book, “The kids are alright” explains that gaming and entrepreneurship go hand in hand.  It is part of this new “lean” start-up wave of thinking. Fail often and fail fast. Like in gaming, you try and try until you get to the next level.  That is why I allow my kids to play Xbox.

Good news for the old folks…

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con prism

Social media is not crap, some of the books about it are

I try to stay ahead or at least on top of the thinking on social media. Understanding the speed at which things change is important, and I make a point of reading up as much as I can.

“Socialnomics” and “The Mesh”

Over the last week, I read two books on the subject; “Socialnomics” and “The Mesh.” Also reviewed them for Newstalk on the business breakfast show. I got carried away and used the word “crap” (twice) and advised not to read them. I might have been wrong.

Social media is important

I think I did the subject of social media and its impact on business a disservice. Rather on focussing on how bad the two books are (if you …

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hacking work

Hacking, ADD and export

Reinventing work

“Hacking work” is about reinventing work. There are a lot of interesting books about work, the meaning of work, controlling your destiny and all that. Even the Dalai Lama wrote a book about happiness at work.

Are you happy at work?

Why is that important? There is a strong economic rationale behind being happy at work. Happy workers are 10-25% more effective (from “Emotionomics”).

I wrote earlier articles about the importance of happy workers from a social media and marketing perspective (read “Engage,” “Workplace 2020” or ‘Marketing 3.0”).

Hacking work

“Hacking work” is about organisations being out of control while trying to be in control. Corporate big brother. The problem is that Big Brother uses outdated systems that …

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