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Brandwashed, the dark side of marketing

Sometimes you buy a book just because of its title. That is why I bought “Brandwashed” by Martin Lindstrom, the author of buy-ology. We have read a lot of books on marketing (“Marketing 3.0” is my favourite) and this is the darkest one I have read for a long time. There are a lot of books critical about marketing “The old rules of marketing are dead” for example, but this one takes the biscuit.

Not nice marketing

Brandwashed takes it further by showing how marketers are constantly manipulating us. Nothing about brand authenticity, collaborative consumption, love marks or the impact of social media on forcing brands to be more responsive, instead it talks about all the marketing tricks that are …

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poke the box

Kick-starting life


On Newstalk Radio we discussed books around kick-starting your life and career.

Do something

The book we picked as the core is “Poke the box” by Seth Godin. Seth is a prolific writer and has published titles such a “Purple Cow”, “Tribes” and “Linchpin” to name a few. All business books. “Poke the box” is not a business book.

It is a book about get up and go, movement, doing something (anything!), instigation capital, passion and the message that doing nothing is not an option. In some ways, it is reality therapy. You cannot fight change or flux. Safe does not exist. Failure is an event, not a constant and there is just as much risk in doing nothing, …

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The real world is too slow for generation G


There has been quite a lot of books on how gaming is starting to transform the way we think, the way we work, the way we (should) design products and services and is a trend to watch. Will impact on your marketing, your HRM and your business model.

Generation G

The speed of change is probably best illustrated on how we are segmenting our generations at a much quicker rate and now gaming has arrived as a classification. Started with generation X, Y and now we have generation Z, generation me, generation Einstein and now generation G. The gamers generation for whom the real world is too slow.


I suggest you watch these two videos (from 2012). It …

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Overconnected, plan for volatility, chaos, butterflies and the internet

The perils of being overconnected

When I bought this, I thought the book was about the people who are over-connected on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, etc. Boy was I wrong. It is about the perils of the overconnected world as a system. Read it after I had just finished after a new novel by Robert Harris called the “The fear index”. How AI, hedging, mathematics and algorithms impact on trading. In this case, the programme takes over and created the right events to ensure profit.

Digital contagion

Overconnected follows in that vain and is about chaos theory, the unintended consequences of everything being connected on the world by exacerbating the effect of what is digital contagion.

The digital butterfly effect

What …

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Infinite possibility, 8 angles for innovation

“Infinite Possibility” by Joe Pine and Kim Korn is a must read if you are interested in innovation. Joe (I met Joe in Amsterdam and we are on first name basis) is the author of the experience economy and this book is a natural extension. The experience economy was written in 1999 and was then way ahead of its time. With the tsunami of digital, it needed another book on how to extend the experience economy and embrace the digital frontiers.

A universe for innovation

Yes, this book is about “to boldly go where no man has gone before” or to quote Buzz Lightyear; “to infinity and beyond!” This is about creativity, innovation and product development along some very interesting …

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porn for bankers

Porn as a source for innovation

Sex shops and innovation

I had the pleasure of meeting the author of “Porn for bankers”. In his excellent book, about innovation and banking, he starts with the journey he makes from Central Station in Amsterdam to his office on the Singel. He noticed the disappearance of the sex shops over a period of time (I checked, there is one left). That got him thinking…….


Porn (as is gaming and the toy industry) are the first to embrace innovation and are always ahead. And the question is what we can learn from it. Not only as banks but also as business people. It is one of the first books that graphically (no, not in that way) explains how the …

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Pancake minds, scatter brains and the slow flow as the antidote

Future minds

A few months ago I read “Future minds” by the author of one of my favourite books on future trends, which is “Future files”. In the book, Richard Watson talks about the dangers of the internet, particularly for kids. He refers to the current youth as “screenagers” and how constant exposure to social media basically creates scatter-brains with no ability for retention and deep thought.


I found that a bit disturbing, but then found some other books (such as “Fun Inc.” and “The kids are alright”) that actually state the computers (and computer games) are actually very good for kids. Better problem solving ability, better attitude to failure, all good stuff.

The Shallows

Then I picked up …

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marketin 3.0

The most important function in the company is your Human Resource director

Human Resource is the new black.

Marketing 3.0

The light bulb for me went off when I read “Marketing 3.0” by Kottler. For a brand to be authentic, there needs to be a full alignment with the culture in the organisation. Which means that the most important function in the company is your HR director. In fact, Human Resource is the new marketing.

Passion as the X-factor

Almost as an extension of that is the increasing belief that passion is the X-factor in culture. That started a while ago. My friend, colleague and business partner Yanky Fachler wrote about the need for “fire in the belly” ten years ago. Since then books such as “Mavericks at work”, “Poke the box” …

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34 questions to test you business management

In an article that I wrote over a few years ago (2009), I asked CEOs and their management teams to check their knowledge of the latest business thinking by asking them the following questions:

What does “the long tail”, “buyology” and “free” mean to your business? Is your business concept inside or outside the pack? What is your view on generation Einstein? Which mix of the 33 strategies of war have you picked for your business going forward? Do you have a funky business? Are you an asshole, maverick, Calimero, spider, starfish, heretic, purple cow, emotional capitalist or wombat? Where are the black swans in your business? Is your business on the extinction of innovation timeline? How persuasive are you…
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Stifled creativity

Once a little boy went to school.

He was quite a little boy And it was quite a big school. But the little boy Found that he could go to his room By walking in from the door outside, He was happy And school did not seem Quite so big any more.

One morning, When the little boy had been in school awhile, The teacher said: Today we are going to make a picture. Good, thought the little boy. He liked to make pictures. He could make all things; Lions and tigers, Chickens and cows, Trains and boats – And he took out his box of crayons And began to draw.

But the teacher said, Wait. It is not time …

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