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Differentatie is niet genoeg

Marketing zou moeten gaan over differentiatie en hoe je bedrijf gezien word met iets speciaals. Ik heb het er regelmatig over met onze klanten.

Heel veel boeken

Op Amazon zijn er ongeveer 60,000 boeken over marketing.

Een van mijn favoriete auteurs is Brain Solis.  Als je een perspectief wil over prijs en distributie, moet je “Free” van Chris Anderson een keer gaan lezen. “Makers” is ook leuk. De neuroscience in “Hooked” is heel leuk.  De invalshoek in “Powerbrands” is interessant. Bernadette Jiwa heeft het over het emotionele verschil. Ik vind reputatie economics een belangrijk aspect van marketing. Je mag verkopen als de functie van marketing nooit vergeten. Ik vind CRM ook leuk in…
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make think imagine

Engineers as moral guardians

I was working for a large project engineering company and had the pleasure of being part of their innovation conference. The title of the talk was “Engineering the future”. That will also be the title of my next book about books.

Make, Think, Imagine

Hence “Make, Think, Imagine, Engineering the Future of Civilisation” which is a book about the importance of engineers. Scientists invent, but engineers make it happen. And engineering has given us the progress we currently experience (and the mess). When it is done well, engineering produces innovations that allow us to solve our problems and improve our well-being, while expending less effort and cost. Engineering is like a game of cat and mouse, in which innovators must …

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more from less

Dematerialisation; the pattern of more for less

Once you become a follower of the Singularity University, you cannot help but optimistic (sometimes). Combine that with reading “Moonshots”, and you might believe that our current economic model, which is based on scarcity, will be replaced by an economic model based on abundance and dematerialisation.

More from less

Hence More From Less: The surprising story of how we learned to prosper using fewer resources – and what happens next. From the author of “The second machine age” and “Machine, platform crowd”.


The guy has a pedigree. So when he says that dematerialisation is happening, I think you should listen. It is cheerful too. He says that in recent years a pattern has …

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gouden ei

BITSING; voorspelbaar verkopen


Ik ken Frans de Groot al lang. Mijn broer werkte voor hem toen hij zijn eigen marketing-communicatie bureau. had. Dat was meer dan twintig jaar geleden. In die tijd had Frans het al over de marketingmethodiek die hij had ontwikkeld, genaamd BITSING.

Het marketing alternatief

Het alternatief voor de 4P’s. Geen product, plaats, promotie en prijs, maar branding, imago, verkeer en verkoop. Het heeft me voor het leven getekend. Sindsdien vraag ik marketers steeds over het verband tussen hun marketing en hun omzet en winst. Veel marketers kunnen die vraag niet beantwoorden.

Voorspelbare marketing

Het mooie van BITSING is dat de campagne voorspelbaar wordt. Het altijd begint met omzet en de winstmarge. De winstmarge is namelijk het maximale beschikbare …

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You are either building a unlearning organisation, or you’re losing to someone who is

At our next Climate-KIC masterclass, “Fearless entrepreneurship” in Trinity College Dublin, Barry O’Reilly will be speaking about “Unlearning”. It dovetails lovely with the theme, which is less planning and more doing. In our view, it always begins and ends with numbers and a 100-day plan.


But without the right mindset, that is not going to work. What got you here, won’t get you there. Highly effective leaders are constantly searching for inspiration and for new ideas. But before any real breakthroughs can happen, we need to step away from the old models, mindsets, and behaviours that are limiting our potential and current performance. 


The way to think differently is to act differently. You must unlearn …

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buy then build

Acquisition entrepreneurship, why it makes more sense to buy a business

Increasingly, I have come to the conclusion that unless you really know what you are doing, startups are a mug’s game. Why risk everything on a 10% chance of success? You are better off buying an existing business with clients, cash flow, distribution channels and infrastructure and become an acquisition entrepreneur.

What is your number

I have the pleasure of knowing Eelco Smit, the number one exit coach and author of “The Not So Secret Rules to the Game of Life”. At the Mankracht retreats he talks about the lack of happy exits. According to Eelco, only 5% make a happy exit. That is very low if you consider all the hard work you are putting in …

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Future focussed entrepreneurship starts with 100 days

I have been working on my book “Future focussed entrepreneurship” for quite a while now, and since my last Mankracht retreat with, I have come to the conclusion that preparing for the future always ends and begins with a 100-day plan. You need a point on the horizon, but you will never get there without the 100-day plans.

Tibor retreats

The structure we apply in the retreats is 10 years, 1000 days, 1 year, 100 days. Everything with numbers. The 10-year founders dream with numbers (the aspirational break-even), the 3-year vision with a number, the one year target with a number and the 100 days with one priority, number and specific actions on how to get to that number.…

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Physical and mental discipline as the leadership framework

The military is the only profession that teaches leadership under extreme circumstances. And they have been teaching that for thousands of years. Which is why have started to read up on leadership practices in the military and in particular the special forces. Can you lead when you are being shot at? Can you lead when every decision you make could mean life or death?

Leadership is physical and mental

What you immediately find is that the main focus of the way the military train is nothing technical, but mostly physical and mental. Focussing on consistency, resilience, mindset, toughness, fitness, resistance, humility, focus and coherence. Discipline in body, mind and spirit.

Discipline as a way of life

And maybe we should …

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dual transformation

Transformation and innovation, 2 formulas, 8 books, at least 25 questions and lots of lessons

There is a lot of asymmetry in managing innovation and transformation. You need the loonshots to ensure the future (read “Loonshots“), but you also need to keep the day to day routine of making money while one of the loonshots pay off. Managing both streams in the business is difficult. And there is no quick fix.

Dual transformation

Zone to win” suggests you have to manage three time-horizons. “The day after tomorrow” suggests you should manage it as solid, fluid and superfluid and “Dual Transformation: How to Reposition Today’s Business While Creating the Future” suggest you manage two streams transformation A and transformation B.

Winter is coming

The argument is that it not only …

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niet te breken

Making yourself unbreakable, with 27 lessons from the Dutch special forces

As one of the business coaches of, I have the pleasure of working with people with special forces background. I think CEOs and entrepreneurs can learn a lot from special forces, particularly in areas such as mindset, discipline, routine and fitness. Hence, “Niet te breken”, or “unbreakable” in English by Sander Aarts.


A book about special forces and lessons in leadership under extreme circumstances, team dynamics, cohesion and triumph over unbelievable odds. Lessons tested and forged in combat. The lessons from the book:

People are more important than equipment Quality beats quantity You cannot train special forces at scale. You cannot suddenly create a competent team, it takes time. You can’t operate a team outside other stakeholders…
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