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A future retro perspective on climate change policy

Climate policy

A long time ago I read a book titled  “The end of Western Civilisation, a view from the future”. Written as if a hundred year in the future, looking back on how we messed up the response to climate change. The thesis of the book is that Western civilisation became trapped in the grip of two inhibiting ideologies: positivism and market fundamentalism. As a result, destroying civilisation in most of Europe and the USA. Africa and Australia are wiped out. China survives. It is referred to in the book as the great collapse 2073-2093.


It is a fascinating read with an eerie ring to it. A must read. Describing the absolute failure of scientists and politicians to …

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You get what you measure, and that is precisely the problem with GDP

The wrong economics

There have been quite a few books written about how GDP is the wrong metric. It does not take into account new business models certainly does not take into account the true cost of production, which should include pollution, carbon emissions and the real capital cost of impact on nature, but also the social cost.

We are bankrupt

The reason we do measure properly is that most companies would go bankrupt. Think about it. Our GDP is telling us our economies are growing. While our planet is being destroyed, we have hospital waiting lists, a housing crisis and suicide is the number two cause of death among young men.

Failure to measure

GDP is a calculation that …

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Why you should go an a strategic retreat with us

This is a biased plug for a strategic retreat we are running in Barcelona in November. You can book here. Not sure if there are places left, but if you are a driven, ambitious CEO, you should read on or book now. If you are not driven, well…….

Tibor Olgers

I am a lucky man. I get the opportunity to work with some of the best. For example, Tibor Olgers. A very understated man. He was in the elite security detail of the Dutch police. Which means that Tibor was protecting extremely threatened witnesses from all over the world, politicians and the royal family. He trained with the SAS, Army Rangers and the Navy SEALS to name a …

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law conference

Law and leadership in turbulent time

LondonLawExpo 2018

I had the pleasure to speak at theLondonLawExpo 2018. About leadership and disruption. Fascinating. I used to think that law was boring. I now believe they will be at the forefront of some exciting business opportunities, as we move from the focus on technology to making sense of technology and considering its impact on society. Because that means regulation and that means law firms.


 I talked about leadership. Based on concepts of what 100 of the best business thinkers have been writing about.


I used five props:

A chess board Lego A pendulum A lens “Lord of the rings”, the best book ever written.

It is not about technology

I work with a lot of CEOs. …

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How to become an innovation outlier

Is common creativity enough, or do you want to become an innovation outlier? My current favourite book on creativity is “Runaway species”. Creativity as a fundamental part of our software, and we can all do it. But then there is another perspective which deals with the innovation outliers. The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world and do. How do you become an Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla, Madam Currie, Albert Einstein, or Benjamin Franklin? Why are some people so remarkably innovative?


Hence “Quirky: The Remarkable Story of the Traits, Foibles, and Genius of Breakthrough Innovators Who Changed the World” What makes some people spectacularly innovative? Now there is a question. …

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benjamin franklin

The eleven rules Benjamin Franklin used to live by

The rules in life

Make your bed”  is a very straightforward book about ten rules you should live by. I just finished reading “Quirky: The Remarkable Story of the Traits, Foibles, and Genius of Breakthrough Innovators Who Changed the World”. A book about extraordinary innovators.

Benjamin Franklin

One of them covered in the book is Benjamin Franklin. These are the eleven rules Benjamin Franklin lived by:

Temperance. Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation. Silence. Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation. Order. Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time. Resolution. Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.…
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Morality, humanity, sensemaking, leadership and slow flow. The 14 books.

Kevin Redmond, CEO of UseBecause asked me; “From the books, you have read in the last say two years, if you had to pick two categories and 3 to 5 books in each category, what would you pick?”

“Disruptor or disrupted, leadership in turbulent times”

That made me think. It is also an excellent help for formulating the talk I am doing at the London Law Conference, with the title “Disruptor or disrupted, leadership in turbulent times”. Speaking at 9:45. Crown Stage.

Not technology

What is very interesting, particularly from a law perspective, is the move away from technology, innovation and disruption. Instead, business authors are asking some very pertinent questions of where this is all going. This is …

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The Fourth Age- Smart Robots, Conscious Computers, and the Future of Humanity

An optimistic perspective on the future of humanity

The Fourth Age: Smart Robots, Conscious Computers, and the Future of Humanity” is a combination of “To be a machine“,  “Life 3.0” and “The future of the mind

How did we get here?

The world today sometimes seems ablaze in chaos, without direction. But then step back, and realise this list is paltry compared with what humans have overcome on our road from savagery to civilisation. It is always good to look and realise where we have come from. It started with fire, followed by language. That allowed us to develop stories and imagination as the first multipliers to share knowledge, which resulted in agriculture, cities and ways to organise ourselves as a collective, …

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Photographer - Paul Sherwood 087 230 9096
KPMG Breakfast meeting in Huckletree, Dublin. September 2018

Meet the shapers, David Murphy, CEO, PM group

CEO roundtable

A client organised an exclusive roundtable where you have the opportunity to engage and converse with David Murphy, the CEO of the PM group and an opportunity to meet and discuss business topics with 25 fellow top entrepreneurs and CEOs. The event is part of a “Meet the shapers” series, where every month a top CEO will take place at a board table to share the lessons learned, insights gained and an opportunity to ask the questions in a private, intimate setting. It is a strictly invitation only. I am the lucky guy facilitating the sessions.

David Murphy

This month we had David Murphy, CEO of the PM group as our guest. Dave joined PM Group in 1989 …

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Age old leadership lessons from the All Blacks


There is a lot of literature about leadership. And as with many business topics, the Lindy effect applies. What was wisdom for thousands of years, still is. Leadership has been applied for as long as we exist. Particularly in the military and sports.

Sport and leadership

Sports is increasingly used in business books, for example, “The captain class” and there have been many business books taken lessons from the military. The ones that stand out for me:

“Extreme Ownership”  “The Navy Seal Art of War”Make your bed”


“Legacy” by James Kerr, is about leadership in the All Blacks. One of the most impressive sports team in the world. The book is an absolute cracker. …

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