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robot proof

Robot-Proof Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Will robots and AI take over the world of work?

Ken Robinson

If was an educator I would scratch my head. If you are a Ken Robinson fan, you know what I am talking about. If not, watch the most popular on TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) titled “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” recorded in 2006. My favourite quote: “Our education has mined our minds like we’ve strip-mined the earth, for a particular commodity”. That was 2006. We are now in 2018. In the time of robots, AI and quantum computing, genetic manipulation and augmentation. At exponential rate.

Robots are feared more than death (or public speaking)

Being a commodity is not going to cut it. And deep down, we know. In …

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The countdown to singularity, why you need to understand exponential

Peter Diamandis

I am part of Peter Diamandis In his words, a community of abundance and exponentially-minded entrepreneurs.

Countdown to the singularity

It gives you access to a lot of very, very cool stuff, including an annual overview of where things are going. Exponentially. As a countdown to the singularity. Learned a few new words. Tokenising, Kodakcoins and recellularize. Reflecting the developments in cryptocurrencies (now at 1 trillion dollars and counting, 6.4 billion in ICOs expected) and healthcare.


Let start with 5G first. The ability to download a movie in a fraction of a second. For everyone on the planet. Through Oneweb and SpaceX, Within two years. Adding 4.2 billion people to our collective consciousness. Making information, …

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Putting Stories to Work- Mastering Business Storytelling

Leadership is storytelling

Storytelling has been on my mind for a while. I am writing a book about leadership. I also have been doing some work for Trinity College on innovation and entrepreneurship. Part of that is storyboarding, storytelling and pitching. Also writing a book about leadership, which in my view is all about storytelling.

Putting Stories to Work: Mastering Business Storytelling

So have been reading up. Titles such as “Resonate” (my old time favourite) by Nancy Duart and  “Putting Stories to Work: Mastering Business Storytelling” by Shawn Callahan, to name a few.

Storytelling is everywhere

Storytelling seems relevant everywhere I look. Entrepreneurship, marketing, social media, change management, innovation, strategy, management, stakeholder engagement, learning, self-awareness, health, sports, leadership, etc., etc.. With all our …

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teh start up wau

Intrapreneurship as a transformation tool

Intrapreneurship is the new black. Quite a number of books have been published recently on this topic. Including “The start up way” by Eric Ries.

Innovation equals entrepreneurship

Finally, CEOs start to realise that entrepreneurship and innovation are two sides of the same coin. It is called intrapreneurship. It is a hot topic. Peter Hinssen writes about in “The day after tomorrow”. Freek Vermeulen writes about it in “Breaking bad habits”. Geoffrey Moore writes about in “Zone to win”. It is “Antifragile”. It is “Brilliant mistakes” or “Blackbox thinking”.


The principles of entrepreneurial management could be applied in any industry, any type of  company, or sector of the economy. …

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The future of innovation; exponential, climate change, circular and social

I had the pleasure of speaking about innovation at CORP2IN in Zagreb on 9 November. This is what I was talking about:


There are some trends such as increasing internal clock speed, application of anthropology, the use serendipity, focus on execution and the creation of a BIG tolerance for mistakes. You need a failure fund.


However, I think that the innovators of the future have to consider four main things. They need to understand exponential, the need to understand circular and climate change and they need to focus more on the social aspects of innovation.


You need to understand exponential.

If you want a sense of how quick things go, the book to read …

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Feasible Planet- A guide to more sustainable living

How to do your bit for the climate (funerals, soap, snacks and chopsticks)

Climate change is a hot topic

I was at a workshop in RTE about BAFTA’s Albert, a measurement system that measures the carbon impact of TV and film productions. Really interesting, thoroughly enjoyable. It also scared the daylights out of me. And I can do doom and gloom like the best of us. We are running out of time.

We need to get to zero carbon

The carbon emission graphs are still shooting up, and we are genuinely running out of time. We are now at 407 parts per million. It was 400 in 2015. It was 310 in 1955. An exponential curve upwards. If it gets to 480, we are done for. We have about 25 years left to …

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killing marketing

Content marketing as a profit centre


Content marketing has been on our mind for a while now. Ten years ago we created SmallbusinessCan. Co-created with and funded by Ulster Bank. The rationale was to embrace social media, design a platform to engage with small business and create a  distribution, communication and publishing channel for Ulster Bank. The only focus was on being helpful to business through content, events, workshops, training and mentoring.

The plan

Part of the plans was to create an open source community for innovation and product testing. The end game was to create a SmallbusinessCan bank. Pure content marketing. It was way ahead of its time (I am aware that I am boasting) and Ulster Bank should be very proud. It could …

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breaking bad habbits

Bad habits, best bad practice and Kuru for business

Breaking bad habits follows on from Freek Vermeulen’s “Business exposed”. A book with an interesting take on popular management theories and practices. Most of them do not work. Management fads spread like wildfire or like a virus but are not based on any merits.

Simplicity Sells

Think about it. It makes sense. Simplicity sells and if we could only apply hard and fast rules to get a resolution. It does not work like that. We all underestimate the complexity of an organisation and how every organisation is unique. Culture, people, management team, location, product, purpose, resources, talent, etc., etc. There are a lot of factors at play. Just because TQM or ISO works for one business, does not mean it …

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The 6 questions and 9 books that will set you up for 2018

Christmas and New Year always follow the same cycles. We are now in the 6,7,8 books to read for 2018 phase.

Before Christmas, I published the 215 questions to ask yourself, based on all the books we have read for our clients over the years.

In the spirit of 6,7 and 8. I like to boil it down to 6 questions, I think you need to consider for 2018.

Question 1 What is your organisation’s big transformative purpose?

First asked in “Exponential organisations” and is becoming a trend. 

Question 2 How antifragile are you as an organisation?

Based on Taleb’s book with the same title, but starting to get traction. You need to immunise your organisation to …

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the thinker

215 business questions to consider over the Xmas break

Rather than focus on the best business books for Xmas, I decided to give you some questions to ponder.

Ten years

Below are 215 questions that we distilled from the business books that we have covered with our clients over the last ten years. They are random, and some might not be relevant. However, they will make you think.

They might give you a headache too. Here it goes:


1. How random are you?

2. How far are you looking ahead?

3. What are your scenarios?

4. What is happening in your sector from a technology perspective?

5. How fast are things changing in your sector?

6. Why do you exist?

7. What phenomena are your addressing?

8. What …

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