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Reflection for Xmas; pick your moonshot for 2019

Xmas is a time of reflection. I can think of no better, optimistic, uplifting book than “Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance” to help you do that. It has everything. Science, future, entrepreneurship, innovation, mindset, sustainability, leadership. It is my book for 2018. It will cheer you up no end.


I have never dreamed about a book. Until “Moonshots”. The question that kept coming through was; what if we had an abundance of energy, food, water, land, computing power, minerals, clean air, etc.?


The book is a wake-up call. I am a member of Abundance360 (highly recommended) and the Singularity University, but I have found myself increasingly pessimistic (and I am an optimist by nature) in my lectures …

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the four

What you should know about Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google

I picked up “The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google”. 

Power corrupts

A one while ago I read “The internet is not the answer”. About the beginnings of winners take all. Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon are now near monopolies. You need to think about that. Power corrupts.

The good, the bad and the ugly

These four technology giants have inspired more joy, connections, prosperity, and discovery than any entity in history. But they also have refused to pay sales tax, invade privacy, have treated their employees poorly, created lethal addictive behaviour and have destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs. In a nutshell, the big Four borrow (steal?) your information, only to sell it back to …

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Photographer - Paul Sherwood 087 230 9096
KPMG meeting in Dogpatch Labs, CHQ, Dublin. November 2018

Going global part II

KPMG Private enterprise organised their second “How to” about going global, this time in Dublin. I am the lucky person that is asked to moderate. Like the event in Cork, we had a great mix of companies in data, ICT, food, pharma, engineering, marketing, media, consultancy and anything in between. Dovetailed by experts from KPMG, Ulster Bank, Business-Achievers and Enterprise Ireland. What did I pick up as themes?

Distribution, distribution, distribution The choice of the right distributor is critical. If you want impact and cloud go for number one or two. Picking the best distributor in one country will also give you the credibility for your next distributor in the next country.

To get to the right distributors, you need …

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rebel talent

33 ways to embrace your inner rebel

It is time to embrace your inner rebel. That is the message of “Rebel Talent: Why it Pays to Break the Rules at Work and in Life”.

Commodity hell

You are likely operating in commodity hell and are part of the middle. You are probably also part of the 80% whose romantic or close relationship is more often than not, a cause for worry and frustration rather than energy and joy. You might be part of the 68% of workers that do not feel involved in, is not enthusiastic about, and not committed to their jobs. You cost your employer 22 per cent less profit and 21 per cent less productivity.

Want to perform 200% better?

For organisations, the lack …

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Mentoring and tough love

I just finished reading “Burn the business plan”, Everything we believe that works for startups, does not work. Business planning, enterprise support, ecosystems, mentoring, etc.


He is particularly critical about mentoring. Decided to look up what mentoring means. According to Wikipedia; Mentorship refers to a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. Apparently, it stemmed from ancient Greek and was inspired by the character of Mentor in Homer’s Odyssey.


I have some issues with mentoring as well. It might have to do with my own experiences with mentors, mentor schemes and business using mentors. Most mentors I know of are unemployed consultants or retired managers …

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tibor pool

Combining body, mind, business, movement and decision making

What happens when you put a group of people at the top at their game in a villa in Spain with a number of successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and take a holistic approach? Combining body, mind and business. Combining movement and decision making.


Combining some of the best in the business, who all share the same philosophy and mindset. Who all have a genuine desire to facilitate happiness, change and success.

Power and intensity

Imagine that you have access to the best fitness coach, who has been involved with special forces worldwide and made custom physical and tactical programs for these groups across the world. You can check him out here. His message is that only power and …

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Sensemaking, morality, humanity, leadership and the slow flow

Sensemaking, morality, humanity, leadership and slow flow

In books, there is a move away from technology, innovation and disruption. Instead, business authors are asking some very pertinent questions of where this is all going. Call it “sense-making”. Not about making sense about the exponential development in technology, as that is now a given, but about the impact and implications of technology on business and humanity.

Free book

I wrote a book about the books that are trying to do just that. Making sense. You can download a free copy here.…

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Free Pic No Repro Fee 23 October  2018 
 Pictured at The KPMG Private Enterprise supported by Enterprise Ireland, Ulster Bank and recently launched its “HOW-TO” series with the first event being on the “HOW TO of Going Global” in Republic of Work.A small invited group of emerging businesses gather side by side in an open conversation format with leaders and experts in the field of business, to share insights gained, guidance on routes to market, managing currency, business planning and strategies, Brexit and many other topics on the road to global success.
Photography by  Gerard McCarthy 087 8537228   
more info contact Alison Cotter  KPMG  01 410 2221  087 744 2221

A roundtable with SMEs about export

The problem with moderating an event is that you don’t get the time to make notes. We were in Cork with KPMG, and the subject was export. This is what I picked up.


Selling to America is like selling to Europe. Every state has a different culture and sometimes even a different language. The USA market is not as homogenous as you would expect. Rather than focussing on USA companies should focus on the commonwealth. If you have a choice between the USA and China, focus on China. The Chinese are a pleasure to work with and have a focus on moving towards yes. All the old stereotypes about the Chinese are not true.


Use reference clients as…
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A future retro perspective on climate change policy

Climate policy

A long time ago I read a book titled  “The end of Western Civilisation, a view from the future”. Written as if a hundred year in the future, looking back on how we messed up the response to climate change. The thesis of the book is that Western civilisation became trapped in the grip of two inhibiting ideologies: positivism and market fundamentalism. As a result, destroying civilisation in most of Europe and the USA. Africa and Australia are wiped out. China survives. It is referred to in the book as the great collapse 2073-2093.


It is a fascinating read with an eerie ring to it. A must read. Describing the absolute failure of scientists and politicians to …

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You get what you measure, and that is precisely the problem with GDP

The wrong economics

There have been quite a few books written about how GDP is the wrong metric. It does not take into account new business models certainly does not take into account the true cost of production, which should include pollution, carbon emissions and the real capital cost of impact on nature, but also the social cost.

We are bankrupt

The reason we do measure properly is that most companies would go bankrupt. Think about it. Our GDP is telling us our economies are growing. While our planet is being destroyed, we have hospital waiting lists, a housing crisis and suicide is the number two cause of death among young men.

Failure to measure

GDP is a calculation that …

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