The 6 questions and 9 books that will set you up for 2018

Christmas and New Year always follow the same cycles. We are now in the 6,7,8 books to read for 2018 phase.

Before Christmas, I published the 215 questions to ask yourself, based on all the books we have read for our clients over the years.

In the spirit of 6,7 and 8. I like to boil it down to 6 questions, I think you need to consider for 2018.

Question 1 What is your organisation’s big transformative purpose?

First asked in “Exponential organisations” and is becoming a trend. 

Question 2 How antifragile are you as an organisation?

Based on Taleb’s book with the same title, but starting to get traction. You need to immunise your organisation to change by injections of small shocks on an ongoing basis.

Question 3 How circular is your organisation?

Climate change is coming. Your supplies are under threat, government regulation is on its way and your cost base is based on the wrong assumptions. If you want to read up on climate change, you can download my book “Climate change, the biggest business opportunity since the internet and why we are running out of time”, for free here using “Climate” as the discount code.

Question 4 Are you designed for customer delight?

This has two angles. It is about FMO, SMO and UMO. First, second and ultimate moments of truth in the buying cycle. Best described by Brian Solis in “X, the experience where business meets design”, but also with your organisational design, best covered in “Reinventing organisations” or “The connected company”.

Question 5 What is your organisation’s internal clock speed?

If the internal clock speed is lower than your external environment, you are going to be in trouble. Particularly Peter Hinssen has written about this in “The network always wins”, which is again about organisational design. He also published “The day after tomorrow”, helping organisations to cope with all there changes.

Question 6 Are you happy? 

Happiness is an elusive concept. It has all to do with brain management. Controlling the voice in your head. “Solve for happy” will give you some tools.

Have a great 2018.

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